5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Cosmetic Labels

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Cosmetic Labels

There are countless cosmetic companies around the country. Pick up any cosmetic product, and you’ll notice it lists all the product details; this is because the FDA requires companies to clearly display product information to consumers. If you’re a local cosmetic startup, be sure to know these five mistakes to avoid when designing cosmetic labels.

Poor Fonts

It almost goes without saying that any product packaging display requires the right typeface to accurately represent the design and imagery. Still, this is more complex than you may realize. Selecting the right font should fit both consumer attention and product accuracy.

Not to mention, federal oversight dictates that fonts on cosmetic packaging must be clear and easy to read. You must include the name, product information, consumer safety, and manufacturing information in the packaging.

Forgetting Consumer Safety Info

Always remember to include consumer safety info on all cosmetic products. Consumer safety information refers to ingredient lists, directions on how to use the product, safe storage techniques, and expiration or sell-by dates. Not all cosmetics expire, but those with organic ingredients may spoil over time.

When listing ingredients, always list the main ingredients first. Ingredient lists rank in order from the most amount of ingredients used to the least, including all additives, such as dyes and artificial scents. Directions and storage information are also important to display as this informs users of safe handling practices to use their products long-term.

Forgoing Manufacturing Info

Another one of the five mistakes to avoid when designing cosmetic labels is forgoing manufacturing information. This may not seem as important as consumer safety, but manufacturing information explains the process behind the product. For example, be sure to include contact information on the label so that consumers know who manufactured it.

You can also include information on where you sourced your ingredients. You should also consider adding a customer service number or mailing address in case customers wish to contact the manufacturer with questions or concerns.


Misbranding relates to federal regulation on cosmetic products. Specifically, the FDA is responsible for product packaging on cosmetic products to ensure consumer safety and manufacturer accountability. Therefore, one major mistake to avoid is misbranding the product.

Manufacturers may accidentally include an ingredient in the product name. This may throw off consumer purchasing habits if you don’t appropriately list the item in the ingredients list. It’s safer to highlight specific ingredients separately from the product name and include them in the overall ingredients list.

Forgetting Net Weight

Don’t forget to bold the net weight of the product. When printing cosmetic labels, the FDA requires you to bold product net weights because it shows the accurate amount of product that consumers purchase. Make sure to include it near the bottom third of the principal display panel.

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