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Versatile and durable–naturally! TerraSkin® is our most unique material option, made of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin resulting in an environmentally friendly paper. TerraSkin® labels are a popular choice for brands that pride themselves on being organic and eco-friendly. Labels made of TerraSkin® are the best of all worlds – they are sustainable, water-resistant, durable, and truly unique.

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TerraSkin® Labels Naturally Rock

As an eco-friendly material option, TerraSkin® Labels are the perfect fit for organic and eco-friendly products alike. This material’s unique composition of calcium carbonate and polyethylene resin makes it reliably durable. TerraSkin® gives you great design flexibility with its white complexion and water-resistant capabilities. This material is paired with either a gloss or matte laminate (which are made of plastic) but otherwise, it is a great, eco-friendly choice! Choose from our extensive selection of shapes and sizes, create your own and choose a glossy or matte finish for a fully custom look. With broad experience creating labels for a wide array of industries and uses, we know the printing techniques needed to make your TerraSkin® labels look their best.

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