Ultra-Clear Plastic Labels

Ultra Clear Plastic is a distinctive material option that delivers maximum transparency while being both waterproof and oil-resistant. Ultra Clear Plastic labels are so transparent that they mimic screen-printed packaging. This transparent material allows for your product’s contents to be crystal clear when paired with our gloss laminate.  

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Transcend Your Design with Ultra Clear Plastic Labels 

Ultra Clear Plastic labels are frequently used on vitamin bottles, water bottles, juice bottles, liquor bottles, and more. They are perfect for clear bottles, containers, and bags, especially if you want your product’s contents to be on display. Choose a gloss finish for unrivaled transparency or a soft touch matte finish for a frosted appearance.

Maximize your design with spot white to make text and graphics stand out. With broad experience creating labels for a wide array of industries and uses, we know the printing techniques needed to make your clear labels look their best.

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