Custom Label & Packaging Insights

Tips, trends, and design inspiration for a wide variety of products.

Tips for Designing Custom Jar Labels

Canned goods offer a nice, cozy feeling. Mason jars almost always contain something good, whether that’s homemade jelly, natural soap, or scented candles. The label on these jars is just as important as the product within. That’s why it’s important to create a label that matches the aesthetic and quality of the product inside the…
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Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Product Labels

Designing the right product takes serious consideration. There are many variables to keep in mind to ensure your product is superior to the competition. For example, is it weatherproof? You should also consider if it can resist heat, water, or humidity. These environmental conditions are important to note, given their susceptibility to damage or defect.…
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Everything You Need To Know About Lip Balm Labels

They’re all over the shelves. With colder weather sweeping the country, lip balms and glosses remain one of the most sought-after products today. When it comes to designing and marketing these balms or ointments, few people consider the work that goes into it. However, as with any product, the label and design are some of…
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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Cosmetic Labels

Many companies sell cosmetic products all around the country, and they all list their product details. This is because the FDA requires you to present clear product information to consumers. If you’re a local cosmetic startup, be sure to know these five mistakes to avoid when designing cosmetic labels. Poor Fonts It almost goes without…
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Reasons To Use Kraft Paper Labels in Your Packaging

A product is only as good as the package it comes in. That’s why consumer psychology plays such an influential role in product design. The packaging is the first thing customers see and feel. While there are many types of product packaging materials to choose from, one eco-friendly and durable option is kraft paper. You…
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5 Reasons To Open Your Own Wine Business

Whether you enjoy a nice glass at dinner or appreciate the different flavor notes that come with each variety, wine remains one of the most popular drink choices among adults in the United States. The rise of artisan products has spurred new business in wine-making. If you’re considering a career in vinification, here are five…
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6 Unique Product Packaging Design Trends To Consider in 2022

Product packaging is one of the most important yet least talked about aspects of the supply chain. While many consumers understand the importance of manufacturing, shipping, and retail, package design is fundamental in attracting and influencing consumer behavior. Not to mention it’s practical, functional, and creative. Product packaging takes many forms too. It can result…
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Tips for Designing Beautiful Candle Labels

There’s something intrinsically pleasing about candles. Whether they’re in a dim-lit room or used to freshen up your interior space, candles are comforting, cozy, and often pleasantly aromatic. Though the product itself is appealing, designing your candle label well is important to attract more customers. Here are some tips for designing beautiful candle labels to…
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5 Reasons Why Custom Cartons Are Right for Your Product

When designing product packaging, most companies opt for custom labels as the singular source for displaying product and company information. However, many companies go a step further by investing in a custom carton for their product. As a business owner or product designer, you may wonder whether a custom carton is the right choice for…
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The Benefits of Using Custom Product Labels

The right product packaging can make or break a product once it hits store shelves or online retailers. These designs can be simple, complex, bold, etc. No matter what, there are many benefits of using custom product labels you’ll want to know. Product packaging is essential to maintain your reputability as an e-commerce business. Save…
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