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5 Top Private Label Supplement Manufacturers

In the health and wellness industry, private label supplements have become more popular over the past few years. They offer businesses a unique opportunity to launch their own brand of dietary supplements. But how do you ensure the quality and safety of these products? The answer lies in partnering with a top private label supplement…
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Complete Guide to Vitamin & Supplement Packaging

Vitamin and supplement packaging plays a vital role in a company’s ability to sell its products to consumers. How a product is packaged can determine how likely it is to end up in someone’s physical or digital shopping cart. In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know about supplement and vitamin packaging. We’ll…
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How to Start a Supplement Business in 8 Steps

Starting a supplement company can be challenging as you navigate finding a manufacturer, partnering with a co-packer, and designing your product labels following current regulations. We’re here to help you start the journey! While there are many guides out there detailing the general (and financial) aspects of starting a business, we’ll be looking at the…
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How To Find a Private Label Manufacturer

From essential oils to luxury cosmetics, private label companies manufacture products for thousands of popular brands. Choosing a private label manufacturer can free you to focus on product development, marketing, and other key functions, leaving production to a partner. There are many benefits to working with a private label company, but finding the best match…
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10 Best Supplement Label Designs

In 2019, 77% of US consumers reported using at least one dietary supplement, representing a significant opportunity for new entrepreneurs seeking to enter the market. But it also presents a challenge since it requires standing out from a large number of competing brands vying for consumers’ attention. In this post, we’ll take a look at…
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How to Sell Private Label Supplements on Amazon

What do you get when you combine a rapidly growing market segment with the world’s largest retailer? A whole lot of exciting opportunities! According to market research published by Grand View Research, the US supplement market was expected to top $133 billion in sales during 2020. With an annual projected growth rate of 8.2%, those…
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How to Design an FDA-Approved Supplement Label

Creating a supplement label that’s FDA-approved is perhaps the easy part of creating your product labels. Your dietary supplement labels will stay on the right side of the law if you simply follow a straightforward set of government guidelines. The real challenge comes in designing a supplement label that sets your product apart from all…
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How to Choose the Best Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

If you take health and fitness seriously, it’s natural to want to share your enthusiasm with others. Starting your own line of health supplements is an exciting way to turn your passion for wellness into a sustainable business! Private label supplement manufacturers cater to aspiring entrepreneurs just like you, turning dreams into substance. In this…
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How To Make a Custom Supplement Label

Are you ready to take the next step to a custom supplement label for your product? If that seems daunting, we want to help! Maybe you’ve been making your own supplement labels, and are just exploring what it would take to have a custom label printed. It all starts with a basic understanding of how to place…
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