How to Choose the Best Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Private label supplements

If you take health and fitness seriously, it’s natural to want to share your enthusiasm with others. Starting your own line of health supplements is an exciting way to turn your passion for wellness into a sustainable business! Private label supplement manufacturers cater to aspiring entrepreneurs just like you, turning dreams into substance. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the key things to look out for as you shop for the perfect private label supplement company to partner with as well as the pitfalls newcomers to the business should avoid. 

What is a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer?

A private label supplement manufacturer partners with entrepreneurs interested in creating their own line of branded nutritional supplements. These companies have the expertise and production capabilities to create a range of nutritional supplements that cater to consumers interested in health and wellness products. From preformulated, ready-to-market supplements to custom blending capabilities, these producers offer a wide range of products to fit a variety of budgets.

How to Choose a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

The market is saturated with companies producing these private label nutritional supplement products. For newcomers to the industry, the sheer number of choices can be dizzying. To help cut through the noise, we’ve compiled a list of key markers to be on the lookout for as you navigate these company’s websites. If a manufacturer checks off the boxes below, chances are high they would make a good private label supplement company to partner with.

1. Specialized Focus

Like any large industry, private label supplement makers often specialize in a particular type of product. Some focus on vitamins or other capsule-based products, others specialize in nutritional or protein powders, and others are dedicated to plant-based, all-natural, or organic products. Finding a company that shares the same focus is critical to creating supplements that align with your vision.

2. Niche Certification Capabilities

If you’re passionate about producing a nutritional supplement with a specific certification (such as organic or non-GMO), make sure the private supplement manufacturers you’re vetting can produce products that meet the certification guidelines. Vegan, cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free supplements all have to be created under stringent manufacturing practices in order to be labeled accordingly. If you’re looking to enter into a specialized market, be sure to partner with a producer that can manufacture your product within the desired certification parameters.

3. Domestic Production Facilities

Here in the United States, the FDA regulates nutritional supplements. That should give you and your potential consumers additional peace of mind that there’s some official government oversight into how your products are being produced. Not all private supplement manufacturers produce their products or source raw ingredients domestically. If you choose a private label nutrition producer that operates or sources from overseas, your finished products may not meet FDA standards. This has the potential to expose your new brand to possible legal troubles resulting from a product that doesn’t meet safety standards. Dietary supplements produced elsewhere are likely to be cheaper, but the overall cost may be much higher in the long run without proper research. If ingredients have to be sourced abroad, inquire about what safeguards they put in place to ensure safety and quality. 

No matter where the production facility is located, finding a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturer adds an extra layer of assurance that your product has been produced in line with a defined set of quality standards.

4. Third-Party Quality Assurance 

Although the FDA regulates dietary supplements, it does not test any products to ensure they’re not adulterated or misbranded. It leaves that task up to the manufacturer. Rather than leaving the fox to guard the henhouse, a handful of organizations offer third-party quality assurance testing and certification, which can build confidence in your products. NSF International, USP, and all offer their own third-party certification programs. To gain certification, finished products are tested to ensure they contain the stated ingredients at the stated potency. The freshness and purity of ingredients are verified with additional testing to guarantee the supplements are toxin-free.

5. Industry Leader

Working with a leader in the private dietary supplement industry has numerous advantages. First, their reputation is already established. Finding plentiful reviews from past customers will be easier, which will tell you what you can expect when working with them, if they meet deadlines, and their ability to produce a quality product that customers love. An industry leader with a long track record is also likely to have a more streamlined onboarding process for new customers. Having a steady hand to guide you through the myriad of decisions, from choosing the right formulations, to picking product quantities, to selecting between packaging options can be invaluable to industry newcomers.

6. Low Minimum Order Quantities

When you’re working to establish your brand, ordering a large amount of each product in your line often just isn’t feasible. Finding a private label supplement manufacturer willing to produce a smaller amount of your product can lower your cost to enter the market and alleviate headaches with expiring inventory if initial product sales levels are slow. 

Other Services Private Label Supplement Manufacturers May Offer

Private label supplement companies provide more than just the product itself. Manufacturers offer a range of additional services designed to make your product more appealing to consumers and your business easier to run. Branding and packaging often plays an outsized role in the success of any consumer product.


Creating a distinct brand can help set your products apart from the competition. Most private label supplement manufacturers offer both pre-designed, turnkey stock branding and custom branding options. For those with the budget to make it happen, custom branding will elevate your new line of supplements far beyond the generic stock options offered by most producers.

Need help with label design and branding? Check out our guide on the best places to get your label designs online.

Bottles and Packaging

When it comes to bottles and packaging, there’s a lot of potential for customization. Options range from traditional bottle shapes and sizes to custom packaging. You can even choose from an array of colors for gelatin pill capsules. A good private label supplement producer will have a wide selection of options to ensure your finished products perfectly match your vision.

Labels and Shrink Labels  

Many private label supplement manufacturers will offer the use of their stock labels. However, working with a custom label partner with the capabilities to create custom supplement labels gives you added options for customization that may not be possible when working with the manufacturer alone. Custom labels and shrink labels can go a long way in further distinguishing your brand from competitors, giving you a significant edge in a competitive market. 

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Products

There’s a lot to consider as you shop around for the ideal private label nutrition company to manufacture your product line. Follow the guideposts above to make your journey from concept to creation a smooth one. Finding the perfect fit can ensure your unique brand makes it into the hands of like-minded consumers excited for the health benefits that come from partnering with your product line.

When you’re ready to start producing labels for your supplement products, Frontier Label can help by providing you (or your private label manufacturer) with distinctive labels. If you would like expert recommendations on label materials, knowledgeable feedback on your artwork, or even a sample of your printed designs, contact us!

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