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What do your product labels communicate? Distinctive labels showcase your brand. As a label printing company, we know labels tell people what your product is, what it’s good for, and how to use it. But labels do so much more than simply convey information. The quality of your labels says something about your product as well as your company. We know this because we’ve mastered the art of custom product label printing, and we’ve seen well-designed labels take businesses to new heights. We can help you ensure your custom labels faithfully tell the story of your wonderful product and your brand.

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Supplement Labels

Elevate your branding with our premium supplement labels. Informative and visually appealing, our labels enhance your product’s credibility and shelf presence, capturing the attention of health-conscious consumers.

CBD Labels

Stand out in the CBD market with our eye-catching labels. Crafted to meet industry regulations, our CBD labels showcase your product’s purity and quality, reassuring customers and building trust in your brand.

Cosmetic Labels

Enhance the allure of your cosmetics with our exquisite custom labels. From vibrant hues to elegant designs, our cosmetic labels reflect the essence of your beauty products, leaving a lasting impression on beauty enthusiasts.

Beer Labels

Make a memorable mark in the beverages industry with our captivating beer and wine labels. Whether you’re bottling craft beer or premium wine, our labels add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your libations.

Candle Labels

Create an inviting ambiance with our charming candle labels. With our label designs, your candles will exude warmth and style, enticing customers to bring the cozy glow of your products into their homes.

Food Labels

Tempt taste buds and win over customers with delectable food labels. From gourmet treats to everyday staples, our custom labels showcase your product’s freshness and quality, enticing hungry shoppers.

Coffee Labels

Energize your coffee brand with our stimulating coffee labels. The aroma and flavor of your coffee will be perfectly complemented by our designs, drawing coffee enthusiasts to savor every sip.

Lip Balm Labels

Nourish and protect with our lip balm labels. Our labels highlight the natural goodness of your balms, making them an irresistible choice for those seeking lip care solutions.

Vape Labels

Embrace the vaping trend with our trendy and customizable vape labels. Our designs will make your e-liquids and vape products visually appealing, attracting enthusiasts in the thriving vaping market.

Soap Labels

Make a splash in the bath and body market with our refreshing soap labels. From artisanal bars to luxurious bath products, our labels reflect the purity and indulgence of your creations.

Wine Labels

Uncork the potential of your wine brand with our elegant labels. Whether it’s a fine vintage or a new blend, our wine labels add sophistication and allure to your bottles, enticing wine connoisseurs.

Sanitizer Labels

Show your dedication to cleanliness and safety with our informative labels. With the perfect labels for hand sanitizers and cleaning products, we can help you communicate effectiveness and hygiene.

Cannabis Labels

Enter the world of legalized cannabis with our compliant and visually striking cannabis labels. Tailored to meet regulations, our custom labels elevate your cannabis products’ appeal and authenticity.

Honey Labels

Sweeten the deal with our buzz-worthy honey labels. Reflecting the natural nature of your honey, our labels entice consumers to indulge in the pure sweetness of your honey.

Packaging Types

Bottle Labels

Transform your bottles into captivating brand ambassadors with our premium bottle labels. From sleek designs for beverage bottles to informative labels for essential oils, our custom bottle labels enhance your product’s appeal and ensure it stands out on any shelf.

Bag Labels

Elevate the presentation of your products with our charming bag labels. Whether it’s artisanal snacks or boutique gifts, our bag labels add a touch of elegance and style, enticing customers to reach for your products on the shelf.

Jar Labels

Seal the deal with our exquisite jar labels. From preserves to beauty creams, these custom jar labels give your jars a sophisticated look, conveying the quality and care that goes into your products.

Dropper Bottle Labels

Enhance the allure of your liquids with our precision-designed dropper bottle labels. These custom labels are ideal for essential oils, serums, and tinctures and provide essential information while complementing the premium nature of your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard processing time is about three business days from the time you place your order–in other words, we print labels really, really fast. Additional features added to your order may require additional processing time which we indicate clearly for you on the Live Quote page.

Can you provide design help?

Need adjustments to your personalized product labels or need a new design created? We are happy to help! Sometimes you just need someone to lend a hand. We’ve been in the print industry for a long time, so we know a thing or two about how to set up files for print. We can answer questions about preparing your files for print, offer design services for a fee, and can give feedback on the work you are doing yourself. 

Reach out to our Customer Care Team and let us know about your label design needs. A member of our team will reach out shortly after with further questions and/or next steps to get your project started. 

Can you print samples of my labels?

Absolutely! Reach out to our knowledgeable Customer Care Team so they can get you set up with a printed sample. A Printed Proof starts at $100. With that Printed Proof, you’ll get to see exactly how your labels will turn out before you print an entire run. 

Can you help me place an order?

Absolutely! Though our order page is very straightforward, we understand that placing your first label order can be daunting. The Customer Care Team would be happy to either walk you through the order process or place the order for you. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there!

What label size do I need?

To determine the best size for your labels, follow these simple steps:

1. Take a piece of graph or printer paper and wrap it around your product.
2. Make tick marks where you want the label to be.
3. Cut the paper down to size and wrap it around your product again.
4. Repeat until your prototype is the perfect shape and fit.
5. Measure the width and length of your mockup label in inches.

And you’re done!
Still stumped? Check out our blog for a more in-depth walkthrough of how to determine your label size.

More questions? Check out our Knowledge Base for more custom label help.