UV Resistant Gloss Laminate

UV rays cause fading or smearing on labels that aren’t protected. Our UV resistant gloss laminate gives your labels a rich, glossy look and serves as a defense from the sun. The UV resistant laminate acts as a long-lasting sunscreen, ensuring labels stay looking vibrant.

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UV-Resistant Laminate Labels are Tough

UV labels are the right choice for sunny outdoor applications as well as for products sensitive to UV light, such as essential oils. Another benefit of UV-resistant laminate is that it is water-resistant, so the labels are able to withstand damp or humid environments. Plastic and vinyl label materials paired with our UV-resistant laminate will be fully waterproof!

Unsure whether UV labels are the best choice for you? With broad experience creating labels for a wide array of industries and uses, we can guide your decision. Give us a call at 877.277.4682. We’re happy to help!

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