Custom Cartons & Paperboard Boxes

As a business owner, your concern is getting your product into the hands of your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Before customers ever interact with your product, they interact with your packaging. Partner with Sttark to design custom cartons for your products and take our significant experience in label-making outside the box, literally. Let us help you ensure your customer’s first interaction with your brand is as amazing as the product you sell. 

Explore the options for custom folding cartons! Choose from the options below and get a quote for your own custom folding cartons.

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Elevate your beauty brand with our stunning cosmetics folding cartons. Designed to reflect the sophistication and allure of your products, our cartons enhance your cosmetics’ appeal and make them stand out in the crowded beauty market.

CBD Product

Make a statement in the thriving CBD industry with our eye-catching CBD cartons. Compliant with industry regulations, our cartons showcase your CBD products’ authenticity and premium quality, resonating with health-conscious consumers.


Boost your supplement brand with our impactful supplements carton packaging. From vitamins to health powders, our folding cartons communicate the trustworthiness and efficacy of your products, enticing customers to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Embrace the vaping trend with our trendy and customized vape cartridge packaging. Perfect for e-liquids and vape kits, our folding cartons create a lasting impression, attracting vaping enthusiasts in the rapidly growing market.


Illuminate your candle brand with our captivating candle cartons. Designed to evoke warmth and coziness, our cartons complement the charm of your candles, making them an irresistible choice for customers seeking ambiance and relaxation.


Make a splash in the bath and body market with our refreshing soap cartons. From artisanal bars to luxury bath products, our cartons reflect the purity and indulgence of your creations, captivating soap enthusiasts.


Energize your coffee brand with our stimulating custom printed coffee boxes. Designed to match the aroma and flavor of your coffee, our folding cartons draw coffee enthusiasts to savor every sip, becoming loyal fans of your brand.


Invigorate your tea collection with our exquisite custom tea cartons. Crafted to echo the essence and allure of your tea blends, our folding cartons beckon tea aficionados to relish each brew, transforming them into devoted followers of your brand.

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Unique products deserve extraordinary packaging! With us, it’s easy to create cartons that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations, and helps you sell more products. Log in or create an account and complete the request form to have a sample kit in your hands within a matter of days for testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your cartons have an auto-lock feature?

Our paperboard boxes all feature auto-lock/crash bottoms. Since the bottoms are pre-glued, there’s no special assembly required. Just fold them open and place your product inside. Depending on the orientation of your artwork, box tops can be either straight tuck or reverse tuck.

What types of laminate options are there?

Custom folding cartons come in six types of laminates: gloss, matte, soft touch matte, holographic, linen, and leather.

Our gloss option adds a bright, reflective look to your packaging design. Our matte option has a non-glare, scuff-proof finish that’s soft to the touch. It’s perfect for adding a more sophisticated, luxury look. Our matte laminate provides a smooth, almost uncoated feel. Our holographic laminate adds an iridescent rainbow shimmer to your packaging, creating dimension to your designs with ease. Our linen and leather laminates create interest by providing texture to your packaging, communicating rusticity and style in one.

What are the sizing options?

Custom product cartons can be produced in half or one-inch increments. The minimum dimension for any one side of the product packaging is 1.5 inches, while the maximum height is 9 inches.

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard processing time is four to five business days from the time you place your order—in other words, we print custom folding cartons really, really fast. For even faster service, select our guaranteed two-day expedited option.

Can you provide design help?

Need adjustments to your custom paperboard box design or need a new design created? We are happy to help! We’ve been in the print industry for a long time, so we know a thing or two about how to set up files for print. We can answer questions about preparing your files for print, offer professional design services for a fee, and can give feedback on the work you are doing yourself. 

Reach out to our Customer Care Team and let us know about your custom folding carton design needs. A member of our team will reach out shortly after with further questions and/or the next steps to get your project started. 

Can you print samples of my folding carton?

Absolutely! In addition to providing digital proofs, we also offer printed samples of custom cartons. Reach out to our knowledgeable Customer Care Team so they can get you set up with a printed sample. Currently, printed samples are not die-cut or folded but are instead printed flat on the material and finish combination of your choosing. Ordering a printed sample of your carton is not required, but can be helpful, especially when ordering new packaging.

Can you help me place an order?

Yes! The Customer Care Team would be happy to either walk you through the order process or place the order for you. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there. Give us a call at 877.277.4682. We’re happy to help!