Metallic Plastic Labels

Make your products shine and communicate that your brand is special with custom metallic plastic labels. This durable, flashy label material option presents as a traditional foil while performing like a champion. It’s waterproof, oil-resistant, and more durable than paper materials. Metallic plastic is a popular material choice for a variety of different products like vitamins and supplements, cosmetics, CBD oils, and so much more.

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Stand Out From the Rest with Metallic Plastic Labels

This versatile waterproof metallic polypropylene material is great for a variety of different product labels. There’s almost no limit to the look you can achieve with Metallic BOPP labels. Simply add semi-transparent inks over this plastic material to make the colors in your label metalized! Choose from our extensive selection of shapes and sizes, create your own and choose a glossy or matte finish for a fully custom metallic label. Maximize your design with spot white to make text and graphics stand out. With broad experience creating labels for a wide array of industries and uses, we know the printing techniques needed to make your metallic labels look their best.

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