Custom Label Product Types

Our diverse range of label product types empowers you to choose the perfect fit for your unique needs. Whether you’re a boutique cosmetics brand, a health-conscious supplement manufacturer, or a gourmet food producer, we’ve got you covered.

Our labels transcend industries, adapting to your product and brand. Elevate your cosmetics with vibrant and elegant cosmetic labels that capture the essence of your beauty products. Shine in the competitive CBD market with labels that assure customers of your product’s purity and quality. Tempt taste buds with food labels that showcase your product’s freshness and quality. Stand out in the beverages market with captivating beer and wine labels that add sophistication to your libations. Explore our label product types today and discover the perfect label solution for your brand.

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Product Types

Supplement Labels

Amplify your brand’s impact with our high-quality supplement labels. Tailored to engage health-conscious consumers, our labels harmoniously merge information and visual allure, assuring your product’s conspicuous presence in the retail arena.

CBD Labels

Stand out in the thriving CBD market with our attention-grabbing labels. Designed to meet industry regulations, our CBD labels not only showcase your product’s purity and quality but also instill confidence and trust in your brand.

Cosmetic Labels

Enhance your beauty brand with our exquisite custom labels, creating captivating must-haves from your cosmetics. Featuring vibrant designs and elegant aesthetics, our cosmetic labels beautifully mirror the essence of your beauty products, leaving an enduring impression on beauty enthusiasts.

Beer Labels

Create a memorable impact in the beverages arena with our captivating beer and wine labels. Perfect for bottling craft beer or premium wine, our labels introduce sophistication and intrigue to your libations, ensuring your brand leaves an indelible mark.

Candle Labels

Elevate your candles with our charming candle labels. Crafted to emanate warmth and allure, our label designs beckon customers to welcome the cozy glow of your products into their living spaces.

Food Labels

Tantalize taste buds and captivate customers with our mouthwatering food labels. From gourmet delights to everyday staples, our custom labels vividly display your product’s freshness and quality, sparking cravings in shoppers.

Coffee Labels

Revitalize your coffee brand with our invigorating coffee labels. Meticulously crafted to harmonize with the aroma and flavor of your coffee, our label designs captivate coffee enthusiasts, inviting them to savor every delightful sip.

Lip Balm Labels

Pamper and shield your lips with our lip balm labels, accentuating the natural benefits of your balms, appealing to individuals in need of effective lip care solutions.

Vape Labels

Embrace the vaping culture with our stylish and customizable vape labels. Expertly crafted to enhance the visual allure of your e-liquids and vape products, our labels captivate enthusiasts in the thriving vaping market.

Soap Labels

Create waves in the bath and body market with our refreshing soap labels. Whether your product lineup includes artisanal bars or luxurious bath essentials, our labels beautifully mirror the purity and indulgence of your creations, captivating the attention of customers.

Wine Labels

Reveal the true potential of your wine brand with our elegant labels. Whether you’re showcasing a vintage masterpiece or unveiling a new blend, our wine labels exude sophistication and allure, captivating the discerning tastes of wine connoisseurs.

Sanitizer Labels

Communicate your dedication to cleanliness and safety with our informative labels, designed especially for hand sanitizers and cleaning products. These labels serve as effective messengers, conveying the exceptional hygiene and effectiveness of your products to your customers with clarity and precision.

Cannabis Labels

Dive into the expanding legalized cannabis sector with our compliant and visually stunning cannabis labels. Tailored to meet all regulations, our custom labels not only elevate the appeal of your cannabis products but also reinforce their authenticity, ensuring you stand out in the industry.

Honey Labels

Elevate your honey products with our enticing honey labels. Expertly designed to mirror the natural purity of your honey, our labels beckon consumers to savor the exquisite sweetness of your product, creating an irresistible allure.

Specialty Label Types

Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels, perfect for food, beverages, oils, and more. With White Plastic, clear BOPP, or vinyl options, they defy water and harsh conditions. Enjoy unique sizes and shapes, even custom die-cuts.

Metallic Labels

Enhance your brand with metallic labels, perfect for lotions, oils, supplements, and more. Affordable gold labels that radiate luxury without the premium cost.

Eco-Friendly Labels

Embrace eco-friendly labels – sustainable and stylish. They’re just as high-quality and versatile as our standard labels. Select from a variety of eco-friendly materials for various applications.

Clear Labels

Elevate your packaging with top-notch clear labels that offer a seamless, “no-label” look, allowing your product to shine through. Choose from matte or glossy Clear Plastic labels for full customization, and they’re also waterproof, making them perfect for various products.

Packaging Types

Bottle Labels

Elevate your beverages with personalized bottle labels! Even in the bustling beverage market, your brand can make a statement that stands out. Whether it’s craft beer, artisanal soda, fine wine, or specialty liquor, we’ve got your perfect bottle labels ready for printing.

Bag Labels

Enhance your bagged products with personalized bag labels, available in various sizes and shapes. Whether you’re packaging coffee beans, gourmet candy, granola, or other treats, our labels offer a wide selection of materials, including White BOPP, Clear Plastic, and Vinyl.

Jar Labels

Add flair to your gourmet products with custom jar labels for jams, jellies, sauces, and more! Choose from various shapes and materials that match your brand’s aesthetics and capture customer attention. Enjoy volume pricing discounts, a boon for growing small businesses!

Dropper Bottle Labels

Instill confidence in your brand with our premium custom dropper bottle labels. Ideal for various bottle sizes, including those for cosmetics, herbal extracts, and CBD oil. Crafted from durable materials, these labels resist oil and water, guaranteeing a consistently pristine appearance.

Spray Bottle Labels

Boost your spray bottle branding with custom labels tailored for all types and sizes. These labels maintain vibrant colors, perfect for spray bottle packaging, and offer a range of materials and finishes to suit your needs. Get creative with custom die cuts to stand out even more!

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Melissa A.
The BEST label printers I have worked with. The customer service is exceptional, delivery is fast, and they sent me extra free labels. 10/10 experience every time.
Blimy R.
Sttark is the place for labels! They have absolutely the best customer service. Efficient, well understanding, and helpful! The labels are high quality and beautiful printing. Reordering is a breeze. We're a returning customer for years. No complaints ever! Keep up your good work and team!
Ben C.
The team at Sttark have been super helpful from start to finish. Their customer service is impeccable. They're available to talk on the phone, or do an online chat, and they have truly convinced me that they sincerely want me to be completely satisfied! As for my finished product, it's exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this... more
Denise F.
Have been using Sttark for months and enjoy working with them. Site easy to use for self ordering and dropping in artwork. If have question any time during ordering, production or shipping, staff has responded quickly and always very helpful.Labels have been top quality.They understand customer service and I appreciate them. Thank you... team!!!read more
Elijah J.
Can't say enough good things about Sttark! Their customer service is truly one of a kind. Each member you interact with is knowledgeable, kind, and prompt in response. They helped turn around custom cartons and labels for our project in a short timeline window, and were consistently kind throughout the entire process. We will be going back to... Sttark for future carton needs! That you to the customer care team and production team for making our project come to life!read more
Cori J.
I've been really impressed with the quality of Sttark products but what really sets them apart is their stellar customer service!I've placed several orders and had a couple of user errors with my most recent purchase of 6,600 boxes...First, I reached out through the chat because I was having trouble figuring out what box sizes I needed. I... assumed it would be a chatbot but I was pleasantly surprised to chat with Megan who was so helpful! She took my product dimensions to figure out what sizes I'd need and then sent me all the templates!Then the amazing team at Sttark saw that an art file didn't match one of the boxes sizes and reached out to see if I needed any changes, I then somehow mixed up box sizes and almost royally screwed up my order but Crystal, the customer service lead, handled everything and even credited back a refund for the corrected smaller size!There are lots of choices out there for labels and packaging. And probably lots of similar quality products. But the customer service at Sttark is truly above and beyond!read more
Michael M.
In the 5 years I have been running our spirits company, getting the label designs and printing to where it is now has been possibly the hardest part. Creating a product for the shelf that will attract new customers and also impress people already familiar with your brand is a constant challenge. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Sttark Labels... when I did… At this point, it feels more like a partnership than us just ordering labels online. Incredible quality, amazing turnaround time, and even better customer service. The Francis James family appreciates all you do for us, cheers from NJ!read more
Mollie C.
Sttark is ALWAYS so helpful! They are professional, prompt, and consistently act like they truly care about their customers. I highly recommend this company!
Matthew A.
We are super happy to work with Sttark, they always provide great service, they work with you to solve problems, and they are kind, considerate, friendly people. Thank you Sttark! - BEAM Minerals
Ronnald R.
I am very happy to have found Sttark, their customer service is excellent and their production time is very quick. Thanks Susan for all your help.
Latressa E.
I recently used Sttark for the first time and it was a good experience for the most part. I ordered labels and even though they weren’t exactly what I expected as far as the material, they still looked great and arrived on time! A Sttark rep was so kind to discuss with me in detail, options going forward. Thanks!
Matthew P.
Very satisfied with Sttark. We have ordered 3 times so far. Since we discovered Sttark we never go back to other label suppliers. Sttark quality, communication, and speed of printing is like nothing we have seen.
John R.
The process to create my label was flawless. They are very easy to work with at all levels.
Jamie S.
Coming from a design background and not a printing background, their customer service has been very helpful with making sure my files are set properly for the best print job possible. Therefore, in future projects I can keep those printing standards in mind and make it easier for both me and their printing team. Their team is courteous and... knowledgable and the print quality has always been top notch. I appreciate their online instant quoter making it easy to order and find the best price/size for my projects. I highly recommend. I have switched all of my client's labeling needs to more
I’m not good with technology, but Sttark has been very patient and polite with my order, guided me through the process with top notch service….Sttark is highly recommended.
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