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Get noticed with custom candle labels that will tempt customers to pick up your candles, open the lids, and take in your unique scent creations. Beautiful metallic or textured candle labels convey the heart and soul of your brand and the magic of the candles you create. Why choose a basic, boring generic label when you can lean into your creativity with a custom label?

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We take the word custom seriously. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we’ll help you create candle labels that are as unique as the scent you created. Select an option that looks like what you need, and we’ll be well on the way to creating the perfect candle labels with you.

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Metallic Plastic Labels

Waterproof, Oil-resistant, Durable

Avon Classic Crest® Labels

Water-resistant, Eco-friendly, Unlaminated

Estate 4 Paper Labels

Water-resistant, Textured, Unlaminated

Estate 4 Paper Labels

Water-resistant, Textured, Unlaminated

Estate 4 Paper Labels

Water-resistant, Textured, Unlaminated

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That’s because you haven’t created it yet! Jump into our ordering tool with a blank slate to start building your customized candle labels from scratch.

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Entice Customers with Captivating Candle Labels

Your customers’ journey starts by seeing a label that hints at the experience inside the candle jar or tin. Let us help you create custom candle labels that are as unique as the specialty candles you’ve created. No minimum order quantity means you can experiment with new scents and limited runs without making a big commitment. High-quality, heat-resistant materials stick to nearly any type of candle container. Your candle label printing possibilities are endless with our selection of materials, finishes, and inks. All of our materials for candle labels are durable and made to stay in place on a variety of containers, including votives or straight-sided jars and tins, apothecary bottles, and mason jars. We also have the ability to cut and print custom shapes and sizes, so let your creativity soar. 

Unsure what materials or finishes to choose, or have questions about custom candle labels? Give us a call at 877.277.4682 – we’re happy to help!

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Unique products deserve extraordinary labels! With us, it’s easy to create labels that meet your needs, exceed your expectations and help you sell more products. Log in or create an account and complete the request form to have all our materials in your hands within a matter of days for testing.

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