7 of the Best Candle Label Designs to Inspire You

Yellow, green, and blue Unwined Candles.

You mold your wax into signature shapes and spend hours creating the perfect aromatherapy blends. Or maybe you pride yourself on using all-natural ingredients or have a home-hitting personal story behind your brand. Whatever it is that makes your candles special, your packaging should creatively reflect those unique qualities!

Check out these 7 companies who are nailing the packaging game with their brilliant candle label designs:

Falling Into Place

Collection of Falling Into Place astrology-themed candles.
Falling Into Place Candle Label Design

For a touch of artistic whimsy in your candle designs, take note from Falling Into Place’s Astrology Collection. The use of a black geometric shape as a night sky provides brand consistency as well as a bold focal point, while the company name hangs softly above in thin text and muted tones. The simplicity of the standard clear jar and screw-lid allow the eye to focus on the vibrant colors and punchy artwork. Texturally, this non-laminated Estate 4 Paper is ribbed and soft to the touch, which offers a pleasant tactile dimension. All around, The Astrology Collection emphasizes artistic expression and screams “must-have” for all of the trendy horoscope lovers in your life!

Nomad Candles & Co.

Nomad Candle & Co Papaya Sunset soy candle.
Nomad Candles & Co. Candle Label Design

These straight-sided amber jars are the essence of versatility! If you’re looking to be simplistic yet effective, check out this design by NOMAD Candles & Co. Minimal-modern in design, the neutral earthy color scheme allows the candle to fit with countless decor styles and casts a minimalistic feel across the brand. The labels are printed on a sleek and smooth Black Velum material, which matches the black screw lid as an added touch.

Unwined Candles

Unwined Candle in a recycled wine bottle.
Unwined Candle Custom Shape Candle Label

True to the company’s name, these candles are creatively housed in locally recycled glass wine bottles. Reminiscent of vintage wine labels, these candle labels are printed on a ribbed Estate 4 Paper, providing a rich touchable texture and adding to that traditional wine nostalgia. Most noticeably, the company logo is cut out front and center. This cutout provides a strong focal point and is a great example of what you can do with a custom die cut. If you’re looking for inspiration to celebrate your unique story behind the candle, look no further than Unwined.

Lou Moon Candle

Lou Moon Candle Co. Carolina Moon metallic candle label.
Lou Moon Candle Co. Carolina Moon Metallic Candle Label

This candle features one of my favorite combinations – a metallic label with a matte finish – culminating in a brushed metal appearance. The triadic color scheme of gold and Carolina blue is perfectly balanced and creates a feeling of harmony and warmth. Notice the clever use of a crescent moon in lieu of a letter in the word “MOON,” as well as the vertical illustration of the lunar phase. These tiny details are fun and work together seamlessly to play off of the brand name. Behold the powerful effect of thoughtful color choice and attention to detail by Lou Moon Candle.

Hip & Chick

A stack of Hip & Chick candle labels on Kraft paper.
Hip & Chick Midnight Sun Candle

Striking an immediate chord with the yin and yang contrast of black and white, This Hip & Chick candle exudes a peaceful and simplistic feel. The Recycled Kraft Paper label, gritty and textured to the touch, emanates a major earthy vibe. The label artwork itself is also quite simplistic, making use of black-only printing and negative space to create the scent name. In combination, the lack of shine and color reaches to a more versatile or even more of a unisex audience. If you’re looking to make an impact with an all-inclusive audience, be sure to check out Hip & Chick’s kraft label candles.

Seawicks Candles

The Seawick’s Summer Camp collection boasts of vibrant metallic colors and fun sprawling patterns that are certainly hard to miss. The scents themselves, based on popular travel destinations, stir up nostalgic memories of treasured family trips. Cleverly all-encompassing, the labels limit visibility of the candle and place emphasis on the smell, drawing shoppers in to test them out. The supplemental packaging in the form of coordinating cardboard boxes gives buyers that spot-on feeling of collecting souvenirs and brings the idea of the candle line full circle.


Artumie vegan soy candle in an amber jar.
Artumie Cedar & Thyme Candle

Straightforward and matter of fact, the monospaced typewriter font is crisp and clean. The stark white label against an amber jar is reminiscent of a medicinal vessel, which seems to suggest that Artumie’s brand and the ingredients used are natural and health conscious. The perceived combination of simple and useful lends itself to a wide-ranging audience.  Understated and subdued, the design is not garish or gaudy. In short, the simplicity of the design reiterates the purity of the product. If you are looking to highlight your candle as all natural and or aromatherapeutic, take note of this tastefully done candle line.

Candle Label Design Tips

  • Consider thoughtful color combinations and what those colors represent to buyers.
  • Focus on ways that your label design and candle vessel can complement one another.
  • Hone in on those small details that make your brand unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Connect with a graphic designer to help you create your vision.

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