I Am Black Vellum

O'Douds hair care labels printed on Black Vellum

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the day we get to unveil our newest material addition, and it’s finally here! The newcomer is a suave specialty paper with a suave name: Black Vellum. We wanted to give the material a proper introduction, but decided we would let Black Vellum speak for itself. The floor is all yours…

The name is Vellum. Black Vellum.

Thank you, thank you. The name is Vellum. Black Vellum. I know what you must be wondering, and yes–I am always dressed up like this. I like to make every party a black-tie affair by being dressed in black front to back, and even on the sides. On bright or clear packaging, I stand out from the crowd, but on a black surface I blend in seamlessly like I was made to be there… and I was. So go ahead and put me on that black ceramic jar you filled with your artisan white birch candle. It’ll be stunning.

Package of cannabis brownies

You wouldn’t be too off the mark if you called me the Sinatra of paper. Much like old-blue-eyes’ voice, my smooth texture is more like velvet than anything else, but don’t let my posh exterior mislead you. I’m quite durable; I have excellent water-resistance, which means I can take a swim and come out still looking fabulous–no smudges, no wrinkles. I think these qualities make me perfect for a wine label or beer label (though I prefer Old-Fashioneds myself).

Even though I’m all monochrome, I’m not afraid of a little (or a lot) of color. Forget simple red, blue, and green. Go for amaranth, cerulean, viridian! The bright lights of New York City look dim in comparison to me when I’m all decked out. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple–white ink designs look incredibly classy, crisp, and clear contrasted with my dark surface.

Imitators may exist, but the fact of the matter is that I’m unique. A renaissance paper. I work hard, and I look good doing it.

It was a great pleasure to make your acquaintance… I hope we can meet again soon.

Start spreading the news…

Well, there you have it, folks! Black Vellum really said it all. It’s a velvety smooth unlaminated paper with a rich black pigment throughout, even on the edges, which means it will blend right in with your packaging! The Vellum also has amazing water resistance and a strong adhesive, making it a great choice for wine or other beverage labels. You really don’t see materials like this every day. If you want to fly your customers to the moon with a stunning label, Black Vellum is the material to check out.

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