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Custom lip balm labels make your products pop! Lip balm is one of those beauty product essentials every person must have. Grow your brand with personalized lip balm labels and chapstick labels that make your products irresistible. From lip gloss sticks to pots, tubes, and tins, we can create labels that are a perfect match for your packaging. We also offer perforated safety seals incorporated into lip balm tube labels.

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Featured Lip Balm Labels

Every product deserves custom labels, including lip balm and lip gloss. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we’ll help you create labels that are as unique as your product. Select an option that looks like what you need, and we’ll be well on the way to creating the perfect custom lip balm labels with you.

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White Vinyl Labels

Waterproof, Oil-resistant, Durable, Flexible

White Plastic Labels

Waterproof, Oil-resistant, Durable

White Vinyl Labels

Waterproof, Oil-resistant, Durable, Flexible

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That’s because you haven’t created it yet! Jump into our ordering tool with a blank slate to start building your custom lip balm labels from scratch.

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Get Creative with Your Lip Gloss Labels

Showcase your brand while promoting your lip gloss scents with ingredient details. Our labels are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, materials and finishes, allowing your package designers to unleash their creativity. Durable scratch-resistant films hold up to jostling in handbags!

Lip Balm Label Printing & Packaging Tips

Choose durable and flexible label materials. Chapsticks and lip balms are handled daily, so you need a label material that holds up to heavy use. We suggest synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl because they’re durable, flexible, and adhere tightly to narrow tubes. Avoid paper materials for your custom lip gloss labels, as they aren’t as flexible and tear too easily if you have a perforated tab.

Check out our suggested sizes. We have several options for your lip balm labels that come in all shapes and sizes.

Popular Lip Balm Label Sizes

0.15 oz Lip Balm Tubes –
2.125” x 2.125” Rectangle with Perforated Tamper Seal
1.750″ x 2.000″ Rectangle Square Corners

0.5 oz Lip Balm Tubes –
2.700” x 3.300” Rectangle with Perforated Tamper Seal
2.650″ x 2.750″ Rectangle

Be sure your containers are completely clean. Tubes and tins must be completely free of any product residue for adhesive to stick. Double-check hands and gloves to be sure they’re free of residue as well. Clean your containers with isopropyl alcohol to ensure the packaging is perfectly clean before labeling. While filling the tubes, use either a funnel or pouring tray to keep the outside free from any spills.

Label last. Pouring the hot lip balm mix can cause plastic containers to expand and contract, which can also affect the label adhesive. We recommend doing the labeling last, once the filled lip balm tubes have cooled and been cleaned.

Unsure what materials or finishes to choose, or have questions about lip balm labels? Give us a call at 877.277.4682 – we’re happy to help!

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Unique products deserve extraordinary labels! With us, it’s easy to create labels that meet your needs, exceed your expectations and help you sell more products. Log in or create an account and complete the request form to have all our materials in your hands within a matter of days for testing.

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