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Materials make the label. Explore our range of custom product label materials, from paper, kraft, plastic, vinyl, holographic, metallic, and more. These materials can be cut to any shape and size. Imagine what you could create with these nearly endless options. Our tailored label materials make the perfect finish for your product line. Whether you’re selling CBD products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, essential oils, or food and beverage products, you have a wide selection of label material types to choose from. If you see one you like, call us. We’ll send out a free sample to ensure you make the right choice. If you don’t find one that suits you, we’ll customize the right product label with a material that is strong and accurately represents your company.

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White Plastic

White Plastic, a versatile and popular label choice, offers durability and waterproof properties, making it ideal for various indoor applications across different industries.

Metallic Plastic

Custom Metallic Plastic labels provide a flashy yet durable option, suitable for products like vitamins, cosmetics, and CBD oils, ensuring your brand stands out with a touch of luxury.

White Paper

White Paper labels offer an affordable choice for indoor applications, perfect for dry consumer goods without exposure to oil, water, or moisture.

White Vinyl

White Vinyl is a tough, waterproof material, making it suitable for rugged indoor and outdoor applications in industrial and commercial settings.

Avon Classic Crest®

Avon Classic Crest® is a premium white paper, moisture-resistant, and eco-friendly, perfect for enhancing your product’s packaging.

Ultra-Clear Plastic

Ultra Clear Plastic delivers exceptional transparency, waterproof, and oil-resistant properties, creating a crystal-clear appearance for your products.

Clear Plastic

Clear Plastic is a reliable label material, offering transparency and customization options to showcase your product effectively.

Estate 4 Paper

Estate 4 Paper adds a touch of sophistication with its bright white color and ribbed texture, making it suitable for various products, including candles, food, and beverages.


TerraSkin® is an eco-friendly choice made of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin, offering sustainability, water-resistance, and uniqueness.

Rainbow Holographic Plastic

Rainbow Holographic Plastic labels captivate customers with a mesmerizing rainbow effect, suitable for various products, including nutraceuticals, health and beauty items, and beverages.

Kraft Paper

Kraft labels, made from recycled content, serve as a canvas for creative designs, ideal for eco-conscious brands, gourmet foods, pet products, and soap.

Black Vellum

Black Vellum paper labels exude sophistication, allowing vibrant colors to pop and offering water-resistant properties, suitable for wine, beer, candles, and beauty products.

Removable Plastic

Custom Removable labels offer versatility for various applications, from industrial inventorying to pet products, featuring easy removal without residue.

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