Ultimate Guide to Label Materials and Laminates

Ultimate Guide to Label Materials and Laminates

Whether you’re looking to package a new product or rebrand the packaging of an existing product, a custom product label is a great way to go. But with so many label materials and laminates, choosing the right one can seem daunting. We’ve aimed to help you find the perfect label material for your product by providing you with a quick-reference guide full of insights and suggestions, as well as a few visuals to help get you started!

We offer the following types of label materials:

  • Waterproof Label Materials
  • Paper Label Materials
  • Eco-friendly Label Materials

Waterproof Label Materials

Of all the label materials we have to offer, waterproof labels are the most abundant. Well suited for virtually any application, waterproof labels can come in a variety of styles, including white, clear, and metallic! 

White Plastic Labels

Revive Bath and Body Sea Salt Soak

White Plastic, commonly referred to as White BOPP, is the most versatile and widely used label material we offer. Being both waterproof and oil-resistant, it can be applied to virtually any product. White Plastic labels are easy to hand apply or machine apply, which makes it a great choice for small-batch artisans and large manufacturers alike. White Plastic labels also have an exceptional low-temperature application range, so it can even be applied to frozen food packaging!

White Plastic serves as the go-to label material for wine, beer bottles and cans, candle jars and tins, bath and beauty products, cosmetics, supplement and vitamin bottles, food product packaging, vape and e-juice products, and so much more.

White Vinyl Labels

White Vinyl is the most durable label material we have in stock. This material is waterproof, oil-resistant, weather-resistant, and chemical-resistant. White Vinyl is thick and sturdy, easy to apply by hand or machine. With a strong adhesive and flexible nature, White Vinyl labels are the ideal choice for products with a diameter of 1” or less, like lip balm tubes or vape cartridges. Add an extra degree of durability by pairing this material with a UV Resistant Gloss laminate!

White Vinyl is used to label household and industrial cleaning products, outdoor equipment, essential oil products, lip balm tubes, vape cartridges, and more.

White Plastic Removable Labels

White Plastic Removable Label - Aunt Fannie's

White Plastic Removable is different from all other label materials we offer in that the adhesive is weaker than the rest, similar to that of a Post-it® Note. This tactical choice allows labels and stickers to be removed from products without leaving any glue residue behind. Being waterproof and oil-resistant, this material is perfect for a wide range of temporary labeling needs.

White Plastic Removable labels are ideal as a material for promotional stickers, window and door installation labels, oil change stickers, and more. It is not recommended for permanent product labeling or for tight radius packaging.

Holographic Plastic Labels

Hologram Plastic Labels - Rosalind Coffee Company

Holographic Plastic is a stunning reflective label material featuring unique rainbow effects in the light. In a sea of metallic foil packaging, Holographic Plastic labels will most certainly catch the eye of even the most particular of customers. The material is waterproof and oil-resistant and is able to withstand high temperatures up to 300° F. Apply a gloss laminate to boost the shine or opt for a soft touch matte laminate for a subtle radiance.

Holographic Plastic labels are frequently used for supplement and vitamin bottles, beer cans and bottles, bath and beauty packaging, vape and e-juice cartridges, coffee bags, candle jars, and much more!

Metallic Plastic Labels

Silver Metallic Plastic Label - Mike's Hot Honey

Metallic Plastic is a bright metalized polypropylene film with both waterproof and oil-resistant properties. Though an elegant material, Metallic Plastic is tougher than it looks; high tensile strength makes these labels perfect for automatic label dispensing, and great temperature resistance allows labels to withstand a variety of environments. Metallic Plastic is highly customizable, which means you’re not limited to just gold or silver. Try electric blue or vibrant magenta as the accent color for your labels!

Metallic Plastic labels are best suited for supplement and vitamin bottles, candle jars, skincare and cosmetics packaging, bath and body products, vape and e-juice cartridges, beer cans and bottles, wine bottles, and more.

Clear Plastic Labels

Clear Plastic Label - Mailroom Barber

Clear Plastic is the most economical of the clear label materials. This crystal clear label material is waterproof, oil-resistant, and can even handle low-temperature application, so you can label frozen products! The tensile strength of the Clear Plastic runs through label application machines like a dream, but you should keep an eye out for fingerprints when hand-applying. 

Clear Plastic labels are preferred for juice bottles, bath and body products, beard oil bottles, candle jars, essential oil bottles, honey jars, refrigerated and frozen food packaging, and more!

Ultra-Clear Plastic Labels

Ultra Clear Plastic Label - Lindbergh Candle Co.

For a label material that truly disappears on the packaging, look no further than Ultra-Clear Plastic. This material comes paired with a clear adhesive for a higher degree of clarity than the other clear label materials. The backing is a clear film with high strength and durability, perfect for high-speed automatic roll-to-roll application! With the additional benefits of being waterproof and oil-resistant, this graceful label material can really do it all!

Ultra-Clear Plastic labels are widely used for beauty and cosmetic products, juice and water bottles, vitamin and supplement bottles, bath and body products, candle jars, and so much more.

Paper Label Materials

Paper label materials are the perfect partner for products that don’t necessarily need a heavy-duty label. If you’re looking for texture and character while saving a pretty penny, you’re sure to find your label soulmate in a paper material.

White Paper Labels

White Paper Coffee Labels - Hex Coffee

White Paper labels are the highly economical bread-and-butter option for products that don’t need to endure contact with water or oil. This high-quality paper material possesses a bright white, opaque facestock that shows off your label design like a dream. For extra customization, artisans often pair White Paper labels with a matte laminate so they can write dates, varieties, etc.

White Paper labels are perfect for disposable packaging, coffee bags, tea tins, non-refrigerated food products, candle jars, beer bottles and cans, and more.

Estate 4 Paper Labels

Estate 4 Food Labels - Prohibited Provisions

Estate 4 is an elegant textured white facestock that provides great character to your product’s packaging. A simple black and white design shines beautifully on this canvas, though bright and colorful designs are sure to make your labels look like works of art. Estate 4 is water-resistant, meaning that the paper will not wear down when wet, nor will the inks run or smear. Since the paper is unlaminated, you can either stamp or write additional information for further customization.

Estate 4 labels are a favorite for coffee and tea bags, artisan candle jars and tins, wine bottles, beer bottles, disposable food packaging, luxury skincare packaging, shipping and address labels, and more!

Avon Classic Crest Labels

Avon Classic Crest Label - Methodical Coffee

Avon Classic Crest is a smooth unlaminated paper with a bright white facestock. Possessing water-resistance, the paper performs well in moist environments without losing integrity or color. The base paper is FSC certified, acid-free, and archival quality, so you can rest easy knowing your labels are responsibly sourced.

Avon Classic Crest labels are found on candle jars and tins, coffee and tea packaging, luxury cosmetic and skincare products, disposable food packaging, and more.

Black Vellum Labels

Black Vellum Beard Oil Labels - O'Douds Apothecary

Black Vellum is a suave specialty paper that is, as the name suggests, all black throughout, even on the edges and back. Black Vellum labels blend in seamlessly on black containers and offer striking contrast when paired with anything else. The paper is also water-resistant, so it can hold its own as a wine or craft beer label. With a smooth finish, this label material is sure to take your packaging to the next level.

Black Vellum labels are ideal for artisan candles, wine and beer bottles, supplement products, luxury skincare and cosmetic products, cannabis and CBD product packaging, and more.

Eco-Friendly Label Materials

Frontier Label is proud to offer several options for an eco-friendly label material! Each of the options listed below is made from either inorganic compounds or post-consumer content to create paper labels your products can wear with pride. 

TerraSkin Labels

Terraskin Label - Opie & Dixie

The TerraSkin is a unique label material made of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin to create an environmentally friendly paper. TerraSkin is water-resistant and inherently durable. Though this material requires a plastic gloss or matte laminate as well, its environmentally friendly origin ensures a small footprint in regards to your packaging.

TerraSkin labels work excellently on organic skincare and bath products, food packaging, pet products, and virtually any type of product you can think of!

Recycled Kraft Paper Labels

Recycled Kraft Label - Unwined

The Recycled Kraft Paper is a dark brown unlaminated paper with great character and texture–plus, it’s water-resistant! Made with 100% post-consumer content, this label material is great for the environment and looks amazing at the same time! Since it’s a darker material, we recommend incorporating strong, saturated colors into your label design so everything pops.

Recycled Kraft Paper labels are a popular choice for candle labels, coffee and tea packaging, non-perishable food product packaging, organic skincare and beauty products, cannabis and CBD product packaging, and so much more!

Label Laminates

The right label material laminate can provide the perfect final touch to your label, adding both protection and style to your design! All laminates are waterproof, but the material it is paired with might not be, so do keep that in mind when making your selection.

Gloss Laminate

Clear Gloss Labels - Monster Gummies

Our gloss laminate is considered a high-gloss label finish. This clear polypropylene laminate protects printing from wear, scuffing, and scratching, while also enriching the color of your label design! A gloss laminate can add extra charm to basic materials like White Paper or White Plastic, boost clarity on Clear materials, and emphasize the brilliance of Metallic materials. 

Matte Laminate

Hologram Plastic Matte Label - Vape Juice

For a more subtle look, choose a matte label laminate. Made from durable polypropylene, our non-glare matte laminate gives a softer look and feel to your labels while protecting the ink from scuffing or scratching. A matte laminate lends a frosted look to clear materials while boosting the striking effect of metallic elements on those corresponding materials.

UV Resistant Gloss Laminate

Gloss UV Label - Apothec

Pair your labels with a UV resistant gloss laminate to improve the longevity of your labels! Our UV resistant gloss laminate gives your label a high-gloss finish while acting like an extra-strong sunscreen to prevent fading. Made from polyester, this laminate works hard to preserve your hardworking labels.

Request Samples

Seeing is believing! Opt in to receive our complimentary Sample Pack of all the materials we have to offer, and feel free to request additional samples of the ones you particularly have your eye on. If you’re still uncertain, give the knowledgeable Customer Care Team a call! They can answer any further questions you may have or set you up with a Printed Proof.

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