Complete Guide to Vitamin & Supplement Packaging

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Vitamin and supplement packaging plays a vital role in a company’s ability to sell its products to consumers. How a product is packaged can determine how likely it is to end up in someone’s physical or digital shopping cart. In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know about supplement and vitamin packaging. We’ll share exactly why it’s so important and how it serves to build the brand and provide product information to consumers. We’ll also discuss the best types of packaging before closing with five of our favorite vitamin and supplement packaging designs.

Why Is Vitamin And Supplement Packaging Important?

Why is vitamin and supplement packaging such a big deal? Vitamin and supplement packaging is important because it can help your branding, display important product information, and protect your items inside. All three of these can impact a company’s success.


There’s no shortage of supplement and vitamin products. Great supplement packaging serves as an eye magnet, a way to stand out in the sea of similar offerings. For example, one way to make your product packaging memorable is the use of custom laminates on product cartons that offer the look of leather, matte, gloss, or a rainbow sheen. 

Consumer information

The best supplement packaging doesn’t just demand attention, it provides valuable product information to consumers. Vitamin packaging can act like a billboard, highlighting key value propositions and explaining the key benefits buyers can expect to gain by using it. Packaging can also share why the ingredients are superior to competing brands or similar differentiators.

Product protection

Last, but certainly not least, supplement packaging protects the product, ensuring it reaches the consumer in prime condition. Custom folding cartons are ideal for shipping products to stores or directly to consumers. You can custom print your packaging, making them your most important form of advertising. 

Best Types of Packaging for Supplements and Vitamins

There are numerous ways to package supplements and vitamins. The best option depends on what type of product you’re selling and how you expect the consumer to use it. Here are four popular packaging options.  


Plastic or glass bottles are the most popular type of supplement packaging. Bottle color can range from crystal clear to jet black. You can transform a humble vitamin bottle into something truly eye-catching by pairing it with a custom label that matches the color of the bottle material.

Resealable flat-bottomed bag

Due to their ease of use, resalable flat-bottomed bags are the supplement packaging of choice for powders. They’re easy to reseal and can stand up on their own. As a bonus, their large, flat sides make an ideal canvas for applying custom bag labels.

Single-serve packets

Single-serve packets are ideal for use with custom formulated vitamin regimes and powdered supplements like a vitamin-infused drink mix designed to be dissolved in water or juice. This type of packaging takes the guesswork out of dosing and makes it very convenient for customers to stash in a backpack or purse.

Custom folding cartons

Custom folding cartons provide an additional layer of product protection when compared to using a bottle alone. They also act as another layer of advertising, providing an additional opportunity to engage with consumers, sharing important information about the product and brand. 

Considerations & Requirements When Packaging Supplements

One of the most important things to keep in mind with custom supplement packaging is compliance with FDA guidelines on the type of consumer information that must be included on any supplement label. Required information includes an identifying statement, quality, nutritional information, ingredients, and the contact details of the company that manufactured, packed, and distributed the supplement. Our recent post on this topic includes the full details on creating an FDA-compliant supplement label.

5 Top Examples of Supplement Packaging

Need some inspiration? Here are our top five supplement packaging ideas from a collection of brands taking full advantage of custom supplement designs to boost sales and build a loyal base of consumers. 


Thesis is a line of nootropic supplements designed to help every type of brain maximize its potential. But its unique product line has product packaging to match. Their custom supplement cartons feature bold type and simple graphics that demand attention. 

thesis supplement box packaging

Image from Thesis Website

New Nordic Supplements

Tackling common problems from weight loss to thinning hair, New Nordic Supplements offers a blockbuster line of product packaging. Each product carton features a bold, solid color background with the New Nordic Supplement logo front and center. Consistent design elements throughout their product line provide a clear sense of brand coherence and consistency. Their commitment to reducing their environmental impact makes them a clear leader in eco-friendly supplement packaging.

new nordic tumeric supplement label packaging

Image from New Nordic Supplements Website


Ritual takes their commitment to transparency literally with crystal clear supplement bottles. Each one of their vitamin bottles is see-through. The ability to see what’s inside paired with slick, transparent labels make this brand’s take on supplement packaging design one of the most unique we’ve come across.

clear supplement label by ritual

Image from Ritual Website

New Chapter

As one of the long-time industry leaders, New Chapter features a simple, clean, and instantly recognizable product packaging design. Each label has a classic purple background and clear, easy-to-read text. This company has an extensive product line, but keeping their vitamin and supplement labels and product packaging consistent makes it easy for their dedicated customer base to locate their products on the shelf amidst a crowd of competing brands.

new chapter vitamin and supplement labels

Image from New Chapter Website

Smarter Nutrition

With 100% natural ingredients from high-quality sources, Smarter Nutrition is committed to doing things the hard (and best) way. Their dedication to excellence shows up in their vitamin boxes too. Their cartons for their men’s and women’s lines of daily multis feature modern graphics, clean fonts, and essentials-only text. The result is supplement packaging that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to add to your shopping cart. 

smarter nutrition supplement box folding carton

Image from Smarter Nutrition Website

Want more inspiration? Check out these 10 Best Supplement Label Designs.

Need Help With Your Vitamin and Supplement Packaging? We Can Help.

With years of industry experience, the Sttark team has the expertise and equipment to bring your vision to life. We print high-quality product labels and manufacture custom cartons perfect for vitamin and supplement products. If you’re unsure what materials to choose or what features you need, get in touch — we’re happy to share our expertise and advice.

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