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Top 5 Private Label Cannabis Companies in the US

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is taking off, from CBD products to pure THC-based products. The cannabis industry was worth $20.47 billion USD in 2020, with experts projecting that it will grow to $197.74 billion USD in 2028. Whether you are a startup cannabis brand or an established company looking to find a…
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Thermal Printing: An Introductory Guide

Thermal printing has been around since the 1970s and still has many uses and applications today. They have been used in everything from underwater explorations to the Game Boy Printer of the late 90s. But what is Thermal Printing, and why does it matter to labels? What is Thermal Printing? Thermal Printing is a form…
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Interview with BATCH CBD

BATCH CBD is not your everyday CBD company. Born and raised in Wisconsin, BATCH has a unique origin story. Beginning first as a QC lab for Wisconsin Hemp Farmers, BATCH realized they had a knack for formulas and producing CBD products that were effective and enjoyable. It took a trade convention to take them from…
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Ultimate Guide to Soap Packaging

As artisan soaps have grown in popularity, soap packaging has evolved to match unique, high-end soap products. With so many great soap packaging ideas to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming for business owners to sift through all of the options to find the best fit for their soaps. In this post, we’ll…
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Ultimate Guide to Coffee Packaging

Though it’s often underemphasized, packaging for coffee is very important. Without it, delicate beans quickly lose their flavor notes and deep, roasted blends lose the richness and depth of flavor they’re known for. Even the highest quality coffee beans won’t stay that way for long without the right coffee packaging. In this post, we’ll cover…
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Digital Printing for Packaging: An Introductory Guide

Product packaging is often your first chance to make a positive impression on consumers. Whether your products are sitting on a physical shelf in a brick-and-mortar store or a digital one in an online shop, appearance can make or break a sale. Digital printing for product packaging allows you to take full advantage of this…
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How To Package and Ship Candles

Because candles are delicate and easily scratched, they require special care when shipping. For candle makers, it’s vital to know how to package candles for shipping so they arrive looking as beautiful as they were when they left your facility. In this post, we’ll share answers to many of the commonly asked questions on shipping…
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What Size Label Do I Need For My Product?

It’s time to go to label school! Today, we’re sharing a few easy steps to finding the correctly sized label for your product. Don’t worry, the homework isn’t hard! You are a few steps away from finding out what custom label will work the best and look the best on your product. Bring your ‘A’…
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How To Measure Dimensions of a Box

Getting box measurements correct is crucial for product packaging design. And while learning how to measure a box may sound a bit simplistic, there’s more to it than you might think. In this post, we’ll dive into how to measure box dimensions, including interior and exterior measurements, and how to correctly record those dimensions so…
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How To Find an Awesome Product Packaging Designer

A skilled package designer can transform average product packaging into something amazing. Product packaging designers specialize in creating custom boxes and packaging inserts tailored to attract your target audience. In today’s competitive retail environment, having a high-quality product line is not enough. The product packaging is the first thing prospective customers see when they encounter…
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