5 Reasons to Request Sample Packaging from Your Printer

5 Reasons to Request Sample Packaging from Your Printer

When it comes to packaging materials, it’s important to ensure that they meet your standards and requirements. One way to do this is by requesting samples from your supplier. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of requesting sample packaging and how it can benefit your business.

Why Request Packaging Samples?

Materials Testing

Requesting sample packaging allows you to test the materials under real-life conditions. This is especially important if you have specific requirements for your packaging, such as durability, sustainability, or specific dimensions. 

When testing new packaging materials, you want to use them with your products as if they were on the store shelves. This way, you can test their durability, visual appeal, and label or carton your actual products before you order a large amount of labels or product boxes.

Why We Always Recommend Testing Your Materials at Sttark

We purchase standard materials that work for the majority of our customers so that we can ensure faster delivery times. This means they may not always be best suited for your label application processes.

By testing the materials, you can ensure that they meet your standards and will protect your products during shipping and handling. This can save you from potential issues and costs down the line, such as damaged products or returns from customers.

  1. Quality Assurance: Proper testing ensures that the label or carton materials meet your specific quality standards, reducing the risk of product recalls or reprints.
  2. Check Durability: It’s essential to confirm whether a packaging supplier’s materials can withstand the environment your product will be displayed and maintain its integrity.
  3. Save Money: By requesting samples from your packaging and label printer, you can save money in the long run by identifying and fixing potential issues before running a large order.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Ordering test prints or printed proofs allows you to check whether your packaging design complies with relevant industry standards and regulations.
  5. Improve Your Brand’s Reputation: Having consistently high-quality packaging elevates your brand and encourages customer loyalty.

Try Out Your Packaging Design

Another reason to request sample packaging is to test the design. This is especially important if you have a specific design in mind or if you want to make sure the packaging aligns with your brand image.

By requesting a printed, you can see how the design looks and make any necessary adjustments before mass production. This can save you from potential design flaws or inconsistencies that could affect your brand image and customer perception.

How to Request Sample Packaging

Communicate Your Requirements

When requesting sample packaging, it’s important to clearly communicate your requirements to your supplier. This includes the materials, design, and any other specific details that are important to you. 

The more information you provide your suppliers, the better. Your supplier can address any questions you have about their materials and send you a customized sample pack that fits your needs. 

By communicating your requirements, you can ensure that the samples you receive meet your expectations and are a true representation of the final product. This can also save you from potential misunderstandings.

Ask for Multiple Samples

It’s always a good idea to request multiple packaging samples from your supplier. This allows you to compare different options and make an informed decision. It also gives you the opportunity to test the consistency of the samples and ensure that they all meet your standards.

By requesting multiple samples, you can also see how the printed labels or boxes will look with different products and in different environments. This can help you make any necessary adjustments to the design or materials before placing a large order.

Have a Deadline in Mind

When requesting sample packaging, ask your supplier how long it will take to receive your samples. Setting a deadline also allows you to plan ahead and make any necessary changes or adjustments before placing a large order. This can save you from potential delays or issues that could affect your production timeline.

How Sttark Simplifies the Sample Packaging Request Process

You can fill out our free sample packaging form to receive your label and carton samples in the mail within a few days. If you add a comment with your request, our dedicated Customer Care Team can customize your sample pack to include only the materials you’re most interested in.

  • Communicate Clearly: Transparency with your supplier about your packaging needs ensures that the samples you receive align perfectly with your expectations. Our Customer Care Team will happily review all of the material and laminate options we have available.
  • Variety is Key: Requesting multiple samples lets you explore different options, guaranteeing consistency and allowing you to tailor the final choice to your product’s unique requirements. Whether you need labels or folding cartons, we can mail you as many samples as you need to test our products properly.
  • Timeliness Matters: Setting a clear timeline for sample receipt aids in efficient decision-making and seamless integration into your broader production schedule. At Sttark, we understand that your time is of the utmost importance, so you will get your samples in a matter of days.

Who Is Responsible for Requesting Sample Packaging?

In most cases, the responsibility of requesting sample packaging falls on the small business owner or packaging and procurement team within a company. They are responsible for communicating the requirements to the supplier and ensuring that the samples meet the company’s needs.

However, it’s important for all departments involved in the packaging process, such as marketing and product development, to provide input and feedback on the material samples. This ensures that the packaging meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Get Printed Proofs

If your packaging includes any printed elements, such as logos, product information, or marketing messages, it’s important to request a printed proof. A printed proof is an accurate representation of how your design will look when printed on your supplier’s presses.

All suppliers have different processes for managing their presses and printing methods, so it is always safest to order a printed proof before committing to printing all of your labels or folding cartons.

You can ensure that the colors, fonts, and overall design are accurate and aligned with your brand. This can also save you from potential mistakes or misprints that could affect the quality of your packaging, resulting in costly reprints.


Requesting sample packaging from your supplier is an important step in the packaging process. It allows you to test the materials, design, and printing before committing to a large order. By requesting samples, you can ensure that your packaging meets your standards and aligns with your brand image, saving you from potential issues and costs down the line.

By following these best practices, you can make an informed decision and choose the packaging that best meets your needs and budget. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about testing your materials or what packaging materials we have to offer.

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