7 Top White Label & Private Label CBD Companies

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According to a 2020 survey conducted by SingleCare, 33% of Americans have tried at least one CBD-infused product. For those looking to sell CBD products, white label and private label CBD companies offer a quick and easy way to gain a foothold in the industry. This article highlights seven private and white label companies that deserve a spot at the top of your list of potential CBD product suppliers.

White Label vs. Private Label

Let’s define the difference between white label and private label first. Many people tend to use these two terms interchangeably, but there is an important difference. A white label company produces standard formulations and configurations of CBD products for multiple sellers to resell. In theory, the identical product formulation could be sold under several brand names. Therefore, white label CBD products are less expensive because the formulations are not specifically customized to your brand.

Private label CBD companies design and manufacture products specifically for your company and brand name. They create custom formulations based on your specifications, ensuring that no one else can sell the same products. Choosing to work with a private label CBD company to produce your products is more expensive than using a white label company due to the proprietary nature of the formulations.

Top CBD Private Label and White Label Companies

There are many private label and white label CBD companies to choose from, and each has its own set of capabilities and benefits. It can be overwhelming to try to decide which company is right for you, but we’ve hand-picked seven of the industry’s finest to provide a starting point for your search to find a quality CBD white label or private label partner:


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BATCH is a Wisconsin-based company with a deep respect for nature, transparency, and authenticity. The BATCH team is obsessed with quality, which is why they control their value chain from farm to the final finished product. This company is young, energetic, and innovative, which makes them a perfect partner for those looking to create a truly unique product. Their service is excellent and personable, so you know they will take care of you. We highly recommend them.

2. Joy Organics 

Collection of Joy Organics premium CBD products, including salves, oils, and gummies.
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This CBD producer is unique in a couple of ways. First, they offer a complete line of USDA Certified Organic CBD products, which can be challenging to find. Second, they sell their products under their own label and also offer a white label program for businesses interested in selling their products under their own brand. This can be especially useful if you’re interested in providing organic CBD products. The company makes it easy to get started with a relatively low $2,500 initial ordering threshold and only a $1,000 reorder minimum purchase requirement. Their minimum order quantity is only 12 units per SKU, making Joy Organics a great choice for companies first starting out.

3. The Hemp Plug

This seed-to-shelf operation offers an extensive selection of white label and private label CBD options. The Hemp Plug has a wide range of product offerings covering all of the most popular categories, including tinctures, capsules, gummies, CBD-infused dog treats, and bath products. Their hemp is US-grown using only organic fertilizers. They’ve committed to growing without the use of chemical pesticides. In addition, the Hemp Plug offers a completely customizable menu of support options, including help with branding and product packaging. So you can lean on their industry expertise as little or as much as you need to as you’re getting your business started.

4. Folium Biosciences

Based in Colorado, Folium Biosciences is one of the oldest CBD manufacturers in the US. Their production facility uses proprietary extraction techniques to yield a range of high-quality CBD products. They offer a variety of white label products, including broad-spectrum hemp oils, salves, and soft gels. Folium Biosciences also has an extensive line of CBD-based products for dogs, including calming sprays and tablets and a hip and joint supplement. Many of their products are certified Halal and Kosher too. 

5. Private Label USA

Private Label USA, a renowned Florida-based manufacturer, leads the industry with its commitment to innovation. Continuously at the forefront of product development, they excel in introducing new cutting-edge cannabinoids, as well as CBD, D8, D10, HHC and other THC products. Notably, their stock includes trendy options like THCa, showcasing their dedication to staying ahead in the market. This company’s strength lies in quality, offering bulk options, white-label solutions, raw goods, and meticulously packaged finished products. Trusted by national brands and boutique labels alike, they stand out as a reliable partner. Explore more at

6. Neurogen 

This private label CBD company prides itself on making it easy to custom create your own line of CBD products. Neurogen allows you to customize the flavor, strength, and extract for each product. The company sources its raw hemp from California farms and processes it in cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities (which use a more robust testing process than standard GMP). Order turnaround times range between 10-14 days, ensuring you can restock quickly. Their products are Kosher and Vegan certified too. Their minimum order value of $1,000 and minimum order quantity of 100 units make it approachable to offer CBD products tailored to your unique vision.

7. Partnered Process 

White Label & Private Label CBD Products // Image courtesy of Partnered Process

Partnered Process is a 100% organic manufacturer with an extensive range of USDA Organic CBD products. Their Wisconsin grown, processed, and manufactured offerings include edibles, tinctures, and topicals. They even have smokable CBD hemp buds, joints, and vape juice. Partnered Process offers both white label and private label capabilities, allowing you the flexibility to start white labeling their pre-made products and then transition to creating your own proprietary CBD formulations as your business grows. They pride themselves on the freshness of their products, making them to order. A unique aspect of working with Partnered Process is that they allow bulk ordering for CBD and hemp oils. This makes it possible for more established CBD businesses to reprocess these preprocessed oils into tinctures, capsules, and other CBD-based products of their own. 

Bonus: LaurelCrest

This Florida-based CBD company offers both private label and white label CBD products. CBD Hemp Experts manufacture all of their CBD products in FDA-registered facilities that have GMP certification, ensuring that they comply with industry standards. They organically grow all their hemp in the US. CBD Hemp Experts offer products that are both THC-free and contain less than 0.3% THC. Their white label CBD products have no minimum order requirement, making them an excellent fit for CBD businesses that are just starting out.

Bonus: LaurelCrest

This Seattle-based CBD manufacturer provides both white label and private label CBD products. LaurelCrest offers the standard tinctures, soft gels, and balms but also features some innovative, less commonly seen CBD-infused products such as beverages, bath bombs, and cosmetics. They grow their raw hemp in Oregon and process it in GMP-certified manufacturing facilities, allowing them to trace each batch of CBD back to the individual farm where it was grown.

Bonus: OP Innovates

OP Innovates, a group of industry experts with over 100 years of experience in the hemp, cannabis, and pharmaceutical sectors, founded by Annie Rouse, describes itself as the “Intel of hemp/cannabis, making everyone’s brands more effective.” They have successfully completed clinical trials for their unique proprietary delivery system called Naturia+ and obtained positive results. Their primary objective is to private label their product into capsules, foods, and powders, but they can also produce oils and topicals. Don’t miss out on this up-and-coming business!

Bonus: Grow with Redeem

Grow with Redeem offers both white label and private label products. They manufacture all of their own pharma-grade products from USDA Certified hemp in their cGMP facility located in West Columbia, SC. They offer full-spectrum (Optimal Spectrum) and broad-spectrum (Zero THC) tinctures, topicals, and gummies. Grow with Redeem can custom formulate unique products (private label) or provide white label customers with their market-tested Redeem Therapeutics brand with their labeling. They provide branding and label design services, private label stability testing, and offer options such as warehousing and order fulfillment. They have no minimum order size and have a passion for helping entrepreneurs launch their brands. Their goal is to partner with clients to help them build great brands. 

Get Started in the CBD Industry Quickly With White Label and Private Label

The CBD industry is experiencing rapid growth, and if you want to start your own CBD business, partnering with a white label or private label CBD company is an easy way to get started. These seven suppliers of quality CBD products offer a wide range of capabilities to choose from. Choosing a strong partner for your business will ensure that you are in the best position to sustainably grow your customer base and expand into new markets.

We’ve worked with a variety of white label and private label CBD companies, helping them create packaging labels that stand out. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about CBD labeling and help you choose the best type of label for your CBD products.

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