8 Best White Label & Private Label Wine Companies

Private label wine maker chats with a new client.

Private and white label wine companies make it possible for anyone to curate a collection of their own wines and offer them for sale. Working with one of these companies is a quick and easy way to get started in the wine industry. But each private and white label wine company is unique, with some specializing in certain types of wines or wines that come with specialty certifications like USDA Organic. Some cater to large, wholesale buyers, while others are a better fit for smaller, niche wine labels, perfect for those just beginning their own wine business. 

In this post, we’ll explain how to private label wine, highlighting the differences between private and white label wine companies and pointing out what to look for when searching for one to work with. We’ll close out by highlighting eight of the top white label and private label wine companies to give you a springboard from which to begin your research. 

White Label vs. Private Label Wine

White label and private label wine companies are more similar than they are different. But there are some important distinctions. Private label wine companies sell exclusively to one customer. If you opt for a private label wine, you’ll be the only one selling it. That wine won’t be available anywhere else. 

In contrast, white label wines are generic products that can be sold to multiple brands to relabel as their own. In general, private label wines cost more than white label wines, simply because they offer exclusivity. 

What To Look for in a White Label or Private Label Wine Company

Partnering with a quality private or white label wine company can unlock much-needed industry expertise for those just getting started with their own private label brand. Here are a few of the hallmarks of a quality private label wine company. 

High-Quality Product

Not all wines are created equal. For those seeking to build a wine brand with a reputation for offering the highest quality wines, searching for a private label wine supplier who shares that same vision is essential. One of the easiest ways to gauge the quality of the wines a supplier offers is to request product samples. After all, tasting is believing. Many private label wine companies will offer product samples to potential customers.

Commitment to Stellar Customer Service

Finding a wine supplier that is easy to work with is crucial for those starting their own private label brand. Working with a brand that offers well-informed, responsive customer service can make starting your own business a joy. Try before you buy by requesting product samples, discussing product options with their sales team, and asking about pricing tiers. These interactions can give you a good sense of how easy a prospective supply partner will be to work with.

Flexible Minimum Order Requirements

Ordering dozens of cases of wine at once just isn’t an option for many new private label wine brands. We recommend finding a supplier who is willing to cater to businesses with low-volume orders. The good news is that there are many white label and private label wine companies that have low minimum order requirements.

8 Best White Label and Private Label Wine Companies

There are many vineyards and wholesalers that offer wines for white label and private label sales. So many, in fact, that knowing where to begin can be a bit overwhelming. Here are eight of our top picks to help you jumpstart your search.

1. Michael-Scott Wines

Screenshot of Michael-Scott Wines private label wines webpage.

This California-based winery offers wines sourced from the Napa Valley and northern California for private labeling. Michael-Scott Wines specializes in small-batch wines produced with a focus on eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable production practices. Some of their wine offerings also carry the USDA Organic certification. 

2. Owl Ridge Wine Services

Screenshot of the Owl Ridge Wine Services homepage.

Based in the scenic Russian River Valley of northern California, Owl Ridge Wine Services specializes in local wines, but sources product from other parts of the Golden State and beyond. With small minimum order requirements and the capacity to fulfill large-volume orders, Owl Ridge Wine Service is a quality private label supplier that prides itself on offering exceptional customer service.

3. Mountain View Vintners

Screenshot of the Mountain View private label wines webpage.

With over three decades of experience and counting, Mountain View Vintners is an experienced hand when it comes to the private label wine business. With many different types of California wines and vintage years to choose from, this private label wine company is well-equipped to accommodate those looking to create their own line of wine offerings.

4. Real Nice Winemakers

Screenshot of the Real Nice Winemakers private label wines webpage.

Real Nice Winemakers offer a range of wines from the Pacific Northwest. Sourcing from some of the finest vineyards in Oregon and Washington, this private label wine company prides itself on keeping costs low and quality high. Real Nice Winemakers also offer some of the lowest minimum order requirements in the business, making them an ideal partner for new private label wine companies. 

5. KDM Global Partners

Screenshot of KDM Global Partners private label wine webpage.

This Pennsylvania-based private label wine company offers a wide range of private label wines to choose from. One thing that makes KDM Global Partners unique in this field is that they also offer product fulfillment services. That means consumers can place an order on your website, and KDM Global Partners will fulfill the order for your wine directly from their warehouse. This service frees you from the task of carrying physical inventory and handling order fulfillment for online sales.

6. Tuscany Wine Imports

Screenshot of Tuscany Wines Import private label wine webpage.

Specializing in sourcing the finest wines for private label, Tuscany Wine Imports is an ideal choice for those interested in sourcing private label wines from one of Europe’s premier wine-producing countries. With one foot on each continent, this private label wine company is well-positioned to bring fine Italian wines to US-based private label brands.

7. Summerland Wine Brands

Screenshot of Summerland Wine Brands homepage.

With a strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service and access to some of the finest grapes in California’s wine country, Summerland Wine Brands is a solid option for private label wine companies looking to tap into consumer thirst for west coast wines. Specializing in wines from the Santa Ynez Valley just outside of Santa Barbara, Summerland creates wines using traditional techniques in modern,  state-of-the-art winemaking facilities. 

8. Su Vino Winery

Screenshot of Su Vino Winery private label wines webpage.

Based in Scottsdale, Su Vino Winery specializes in Arizona wines from their own vineyards. Not many people associate wine production with this desert state, which gives their offerings a unique appeal compared to the more traditional west coast wine-producing regions. One of the main advantages of working with this private label provider is their extremely low minimum order requirements. They will even allow you to order single bottles at a time, making them a good choice for small-scale market testing initiatives.

Choose Your Wine Partners Wisely

Learning how to private label wine doesn’t have to be complicated. Partnering with the right white label or private label wine company can help your business grow more quickly by giving you access to valuable industry experience and expertise. We’ve worked with white label and private label wine companies of all sizes, helping them to create packaging labels that stand out. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about wine bottle labeling and help you choose the best type of label for your wine bottles.

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