Everything You Need To Know About A Lip Balm Label

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Balm Labels

They’re all over the shelves. With colder weather sweeping the country, lip balms and glosses remain one of the most sought-after products today. When it comes to designing and marketing these balms or ointments, few people consider the work that goes into it. However, as with any product, the label and design are some of its most important assets. Here’s everything you need to know about creating a lip balm label.

Label Size

The first thing to consider with lip balm labels is the size of the label. Your label size relates to the container size. The best way to ensure a proper fit is to choose a label that matches the lip balm container, whether that’s cylindrical, a tube, or a jar. The most common container for lip balm is the narrow, cylindrical container. Since they’re small in diameter, they have certain specifications. You must choose the ideal label for your product.

Lip balm containers should display ingredients, the brand name, the flavor, and the directions. Therefore, you’ll want a lip balm label large enough to account for those factors while still leaving enough room to hold the container. Your label can wrap completely around the container or leave space between the label and the plastic. Make sure to leave enough space for customers to open and close the lid.

Custom Shapes for Lip Balm Label

If you’re using a tube container, you will need a custom-shaped lip balm label that includes a tamper-evident perforation for safety. This way, your customers will know if the lip balm has been opened before using it. At Sttark, we offer a variety of custom shapes for any size lip balm tubes. Even if you’re unsure what size lip balm label you need, our team will measure your container and help you test it before printing.

Ingredient List

As previously mentioned, make sure to highlight your ingredient list. You must set aside one panel of the label for your ingredient list. This is to ensure product transparency between manufacturers and consumers. You should list your ingredients in a weighted order from most used to least with colorants added at the end. Typeface typically remains at 1/32 inches in height for small labels or 1/16 inches for larger labels. Additionally, don’t forget to include directions, warning statements, manufacturer information, and other relevant information.

Regardless of whether this is a cosmetic or medical product, be sure to follow all typeface requirements to correctly display information so that consumers feel safe in their purchase. You can also list the same information on your website. Customers can read it from a larger perspective. If you use boxes or outer containers, keep this in mind. Outer containers need the principal display panel. Inner containers only need the name of the product and consumer information.

Cosmetic or Medication

Of course, there are types of lip balms to consider for your brand: cosmetic or medical. Both offer the same product with different connotations.

Cosmetic Lip Balm Label

Cosmetic lip balms are marketed toward the average consumer to treat dry lips. They may feature fun flavors, interesting glosses, and basic lip treatments. The basic information on drug panels includes active and inactive ingredients, the product’s intended use, important warnings, clear directions, and other information.

Medical Lip Balm Label

Medical lip balm is a bit different because it’s meant to treat dry mouth or other lip-related symptoms. If you sell medical lip balm, you must provide a drug panel on the label. It’s similar to an ingredient list but with more emphasis on consumer safety. Like cosmetic lip balms, medical lip balms list active and inactive ingredients from most to least used. The intended uses information further explains the directional intention of this medication along with what it’s not to be used for. Warnings further help guarantee consumer safety and liability for manufacturers. It is a requirement meant to show how you should use the balm.

For example, lip balms should explain an “external use only” message to direct customers. Medical information typically goes on the outer package with a minor exception for convenience-sized packaging or packaging with two doses or less.

Design the Perfect Lip Balm Label

With that said, now’s your opportunity to design the perfect image for your product. It goes without say that a good product design attracts customers. People are attracted to color, image, and purpose. Lip balms offer some of the best ways to display a different look that attracts and appeals to the average purchaser. For instance, you can opt for a shiny, gloss finish or rough, textured material depending on your product. If you’re a holistic company emphasizing natural ingredients, craft paper gives a natural, textured finish with simple design qualities. Whichever your choose, you want to pick a design that represents your brand and product. Take some time and decide if you want something simple or eccentric.

Seal and Finish

The final part of everything you need to know about lip balm labels is the seal and finish. You have a wide variety of finishes from which to choose. Whether it’s white vinyl or plastic, both options provide exceptional quality to your lip balm or lip gloss. Laminate finish offers greater durability depending on the thickness of the material. UV coatings offer an alternative option to add protection and flexibility. Seals are optional but still important for consumer safety. Safety seals cover the lid of your balm or gloss to show that no one tampered with the product.

Brand Visibility

Given all that, you may still wonder if lip balm labels are the right move for you. One thing to keep in mind with lip balm labels, as well as all custom product labels, is brand visibility. As previously mentioned, product labels display proper information that prioritizes consumer safety and manufacturer liability. However, it also poses an exceptional way to attract consumer attention. Customers like the aesthetic of a product as much as the quality. That’s why corporations and brands have indistinguishable logos with recognizability across the globe. Do yourself a favor and consider the greater brand visibility, recognition, and customer satisfaction with a custom label to highlight your product above your competitors.

If you need custom lip balm labels, Sttark has your back! We offer customized product labels for your beauty essentials. Whether you’re marketing lip balm or lip gloss, we have the right labels for you. We also offer custom packaging for lip balm sticks to pots, tubes, and tins. We believe in consumer safety, which is why we also offer safety seals on our lip balm tubes. Don’t wait and order today. If you have any questions or don’t see what you’re looking for, call us today and we’ll work with you to create the perfect custom label for your products.

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Balm Labels
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