Reasons To Use Kraft Paper Labels in Your Packaging

Reasons To Use Kraft Paper Labels in Your Packaging

A product is only as good as the package it comes in. That’s why consumer psychology plays such an influential role in product design. The packaging is the first thing customers see and feel. While there are many types of product packaging materials to choose from, one eco-friendly and durable option is kraft paper. You may have seen it used in cardboard boxes or envelopes, but if you’re unsure about switching to kraft paper, this is the guide for you. Here are some reasons to use kraft paper labels in your packaging you’ll want to know.

What Is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is specially manufactured in a unique kraft process, during which a hot water mixture with sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide breaks up the cellulose, lignin, and other bonds. Kraft paper is distinguishable from other types of paper due to its wet strength chemicals. It is microcrepped to give porosity and elasticity to elongate the fibers. The two common types of kraft paper in packaging are normal kraft paper and sack kraft paper. Normal kraft paper is strong with a high tensile strength and coarse texture. Sack kraft paper is more porous with higher elasticity, tear resistance, and increased durability. Common applications include paper bags, multi-wall sacks, and envelopes.


One of the main advantages of using kraft paper in packaging materials is its durability. Kraft paper has immense strong properties that provide greater durability than other conventional packing materials. It can withstand industrial pressures, such as moisture and heat. Also, it’s perfect for heavy products or sensitive goods, like jewelry or technological devices. Since kraft paper has a reduced lignin content and high sulfur ratio, it does not require extensive bleaching as it can weaken the paper. While still strong and durable, kraft paper products are considerably lightweight. This means that even product boxes can be used during transportation. The added lightweight convenience ensures lightweight moveability without sacrificing resilience. There’s a temperature tolerance between -10 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for extreme environments, like the refrigerator.


Kraft paper is notable for being more eco-friendly than other alternatives. It’s recyclable so that consumers can make the conscious decision when throwing away their boxes and envelopes. Additionally, kraft paper is compostable. The kraft process also is considerably sustainable relative to other paper manufacturing practices. It requires fewer chemicals to treat the wood pulp, and many of these chemicals are recovered for additional use. Common byproducts include tall oil and turpentine, two materials commonly repurposed for other goods. Several types of wood can be used to create kraft paper. Pine is too resinous for traditional paper manufacturing but is an excellent choice for kraft paper. The choice option of kraft paper as an eco-friendly alternative is that it uses 100% recycled material and 50% post-consumer content. This means that businesses that wish to highlight their sustainability record can do so and still receive high-end product packaging for various items.

Rustic Aesthetics

There’s also something aesthetically pleasing about kraft paper that makes it a suitable packaging material option. Visuals and aesthetics are some of the reasons to use kraft paper labels in your packaging. Since kraft paper is unlaminated, there is no varnish or covering in place. Customers will see and feel the textured finish on their products. Kraft paper gives off a rustic, earth-centric vibe. Touch sensation is a significant part of consumer psychology; when customers can feel their product packaging, they feel a stronger connection to their purchase. This means greater customer retention and additional sales for other products.

The textured finish also provides an ample amount of protection against environmental or shipping damage. Paired with its inherent natural durability, your customers will notice a beautifully finished product that remains true to the touch without any damage risk or other issues.


Another important reason to opt for kraft paper is its versatility. Kraft paper for packaging is often used for envelopes and boxes, but you can also use it for product labels. When choosing kraft paper for your business, there are some different varieties available. Coated unbleached kraft paper is the most common option, with a natural look and no color alterations. It’s resistant to tears, lightweight, and solid. Coated kraft paper is another common type that has a white additive to offer a blank canvas. This way, you can choose between a simple product design or something bold and colorful. From there, you can choose between recycled kraft paper, virgin kraft paper, or a mix of the two. They are versatile for different packaging options, such as mailer boxes, packaging tape, product boxes, paper bags, paper cans, and envelopes.


Finally, the last reason to choose kraft paper for packaging is that it’s customizable. Kraft paper is used for many types of industries. Common applications include gourmet food packaging, pet products, soaps and cosmetics, and nutritional supplements. However, the choices are limitless.

Kraft paper is a fundamental choice for higher-end consumer goods because it gives a natural look and feel to the products. You can use it for CBD products, essential oils, and other natural products to ensure a proper customizable package. Your customers will notice the difference and appreciate the aesthetic quality put into the packaging design.

If you need kraft paper labels, Sttark is here for you. Our high-opaque kraft paper label material is made from 100% recycled paper and 50% post-consumer materials, making it a sustainable product packaging option. Perfect for many industries, kraft paper labels are a blank canvas for your creative endeavors. We don’t use any varnish or chemical finish, so your customers receive a natural and rustic aesthetic with strong adhesive and temperature tolerance.

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Reasons To Use Kraft Paper Labels in Your Packaging
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