The Best Label Materials for Glass & Plastic Bottles

The Best Label Materials for Glass & Plastic Bottles

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right label for your product. If you’re looking for the best label materials to wrap around your glass or plastic bottles, you must keep the shape of your product, environmental considerations, durability, storage, and other details in mind.

For example, if you’re selling cold drinks, you need a label material that can withstand cool temperatures and condensation. If you’re labeling a candle jar, you should use a heat-resistant label.

Considerations like these help you choose the best label materials for your glass and plastic bottles. Use this brief guide to find the right label and help your products look their best.

Paper Labels

Paper labels are straightforward and common options that offer plenty of design versatility. With a wide range of color and texture options, paper labels can create the perfect look for your glass and plastic bottles.

Uncoated paper offers a basic and simple appearance that’s great for any base design, but it won’t be as resilient when it comes in contact with water, oil, or other liquids. If you want a more finished or professional look, try using white gloss or semi-gloss paper labels for a quality shine, vibrant colors, and a clean finish. Alternatively, you can use kraft paper for a rustic or old-fashioned look that makes a product seem classic, natural, or handmade.

Plastic Films

Plastic films like polyester, polypropylene, and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) are also among the best label materials for glass and plastic bottles. These kinds of labels are more resistant to moisture than paper labels, making them perfect for beverages and other bottles that hold liquids. The flexibility of plastic film also improves clinginess, making for an ideal plastic bottle label that customers can squeeze and bend.

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are stronger and last longer than paper or plastic, making them durable and dependable options. The moisture resistance, heat tolerance, and resistance to acidic foods help vinyl labels stay beautiful and strong in a wide range of products.

Vinyl is also incredibly flexible, so it can mold to any plastic or glass bottle shape. The longer shelf life and higher dependability of vinyl make it perfect for candles, oil, alcohol, cosmetics, and so much more.

Which custom bottle label is best for your products? Let the experts at Sttark help you find the optimal labeling solution for you. Contact our Customer Care team today to find the right material and laminate to make your glass or plastic bottles stand out on store shelves.

This post was updated on September 6th, 2023.

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