Sttark's Ultimate Guide to Laminates for Product Packaging

Sttark's Ultimate Guide to Laminates for Product Packaging

The final touch for your label or carton is its laminate, but it can seem daunting with so many choices. Laminates for product packaging can give both protection and style to your artwork. All our laminates listed below are waterproof, but keep in mind that the material it’s placed on might not be. We want to help you find the perfect laminate for your product, so read on for our quick reference guide full of insights and suggestions to help get you started!

Gloss Laminate

Gloss Laminate on our White Paper Carton

Our gloss laminate has a high-gloss finish. This clear polypropylene laminate protects printing from wear, scuffing, and scratching while also enriching the color of your design. A gloss laminate can add extra charm to basic materials like White Paper or White Plastic, boost clarity on Clear materials, and emphasize the brilliance of Metallic materials. 

Matte Laminate

Matte Laminate over our Metallic Plastic

For a more subtle look, choose a matte label laminate. Made from durable polypropylene, our non-glare matte laminate gives a softer look and feel to your labels while protecting the ink from scuffing or scratching. A matte laminate can lend a frosted look to clear materials or give a soft, mellow look to the metallic elements on metallic material.

UV-Resistant Gloss Laminate

Gloss UV Label - Apothec

Pair your labels with a UV-resistant gloss laminate to improve the longevity of your labels. Our UV-resistant gloss laminate gives your label a high-gloss finish while acting like an extra strong sunscreen to prevent fading. Because this laminate is made of polyester, it works hard to preserve your hardworking labels.

Soft Touch Matte Laminate

Our Soft Touch Matte Laminate over our White Vinyl

Soft, subtle, luxurious. Labels or cartons finished with our soft touch matte laminate will feel like velvet in the hands of your customers. Don’t confuse this smooth laminate as delicate. However, soft touch matte laminate is virtually scuff-proof, meaning your product packaging will stay beautiful from fulfillment to retail and beyond. To convey sophistication and style, our soft touch matte laminate is the perfect choice for luxury cosmetics, candles, CBD, and more.

Leather Laminate

Our Leather Laminate over our White Paper Carton

Leather laminate is the pinnacle of cool. This non-reflective laminate evokes the feeling of luxury, style, and sophistication. Leather laminate takes your label or carton designs from drab to deluxe in zero seconds flat–without a deluxe price point. Perfect for men’s skincare products, luxury household items like candles or room sprays, and more. Stand out from competitors in your industry with a unique leather laminate.

Linen Laminate

Our Linen Laminate over our White Paper Carton

Create a beautiful visual experience with linen laminate. This visually textured laminate thoroughly protects your product packaging while offering a bespoke look. Linen laminate has a subtle sheen and smooth touch that is perfect for elegant and high-quality items. It works brilliantly on wine bottles, candle packaging, cosmetic packaging, and many other artisan products.

We also offer unlaminated product options as well if you prefer not to use laminated product packaging. Use our online quote tool to view our unlaminated labels and carton options.

Request Samples

Seeing is believing! Opt in to receive our complimentary Sample Pack of all the laminates for product packaging we have to offer, and feel free to request additional samples of the ones you particularly have your eye on. If you’re still uncertain about what option you’d like, contact our knowledgeable Customer Care Team! They can answer any further questions you may have or set you up with a Printed Proof.

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