Unique Ways To Use Custom Labels for Your Business

Unique Ways To Use Custom Labels for Your Business

Custom labels are a fantastic way to make your product stand out while telling customers a little bit about your brand. From presenting eye-catching images to showcasing your company values, a distinctive custom label for your business presents your product in the best light and helps you make a good impression.

Most companies place custom labels directly on their products, but this isn’t the only way you can use labels to your advantage. By getting creative with how and where you place your custom labels, you can boost brand recognition, enhance the customer experience, and bring your business to greater heights. Check out these unique ways to use custom labels for your business.

Design an Effective Custom Label

Custom labels offer a straightforward and cost-effective alternative to investing in completely customized packaging. A roll of custom labels creates the same professional appearance as branded materials, which means it’s important to include vital business or product information on your label—just as you would with other custom packaging solutions.

Every custom label is different, but there are a few features that you should include in your design to create an engaging and informative message. First and foremost, include your company’s name and logo. This is vital for spreading your image and improving brand recognition everywhere your label goes.

If you have space, contact information—such as a phone number, website, or address—is a quick and easy way to send buyers and other people who see your label to your business. You can also incorporate hashtags, QR codes, and other easy ways for customers to engage with your company and product into your label.

Another option is to add a thoughtful message or other brief but compelling text to your label. While custom product labels might have specific information like ingredient lists or instructions, more general labels can include a thank-you note to customers or a list of company values. They could also include the year your business was founded or other text that helps you stand out and tell consumers more about your brand.

Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

One creative way your business can use custom labels is by placing them on the wrappings surrounding your product rather than the product itself. You can use custom labels as a seal for tissue paper, gift bags, and other wrappings. Alternatively, you can display the label on the wrapping so that it’s the first thing customers see when they open your product.

This is particularly useful for e-commerce brands trying to create a memorable unboxing experience. When a customer opens their package and sees a thoughtfully wrapped and presented product, it adds a bit of excitement to the purchase. A fun unboxing experience encourages people to shop at your store again. Your custom label makes it even easier for customers to remember your business, find your website, and start their next purchase.

Customize Your Packaging

Custom labels also work well on the outside of your packaging. Placing labels on boxes, mailers, and other packages is a great way to transform ordinary shipping materials into a unique extension of your brand. Customers can identify their package as soon as they spot your label. Even better, everyone along the supply chain—from professional carriers to other people picking up their mail—will see your label. This creates great exposure for your product and business, boosting brand recognition and enticing others to check out your company.

Use Tamper-Evident Seals

If you’re willing to let customers tear through your label, custom labels can create stylish tamper-evident seals for your products and packaging. This works exceptionally well for food products. A custom label over the lid of a jar or the seal of a bag makes it obvious when a product has been opened. Using labels this way gives your customers an extra sense of security when they buy your products.

Custom label seals can also work on exterior packaging like boxes, mailers, or envelopes. In addition to creating a secure seal, this adds an extra element to the unboxing experience and reminds customers who they’re buying from as they eagerly open their purchases.

Brand Disposable Cups, Containers, and Product Wrapping

Not every business can or wants to spend money on customized cups, takeout boxes, and other disposable goods. However, plain coffee cups and other containers do nothing for your brand. Using custom labels on to-go cups or food boxes is an easy way to make these products unique and memorable. Plus, a disposable cup with your business logo will expose countless people to your brand.

You don’t have to limit this idea to food products. You can also use custom labels for your business on paper bags, gift boxes, paper wrapping around fragile items and other materials.

Advertise in Reception Areas and Waiting Rooms

Waiting areas are full of products that customers and clients use without thinking twice about it. Think about goods like hand sanitizers, tissue boxes, or complimentary water bottles. Adding custom logos to these types of products presents your brands to customers while they spend time in a waiting room or reception area.

This is a great opportunity to use labels that contain interesting images or longer messages. Giving customers something engaging to look at or read can leave a lasting impression and even reduce perceived wait times.

Spread Your Brand at Trade Shows

Trade shows present a special opportunity to meet clients and partners, make connections, and promote your business. As always, custom labels make showing off your brand and your products simple and easy. From branded water bottles to fact sheets about your business, place custom labels on any handouts you have.

You can also use labels to decorate your booth or direct traffic toward your stand. Custom labels are a simple, clean, and uniform way to grab the attention of passersby and entice them to learn more about who you are and what you do.

When you create dynamic, distinguished custom labels for your business, the only limit is your imagination. Partner with the team at Sttark today for professional custom product label printing. With our dependable services and premium materials, you can create a label that presents your product and business in the best light possible.

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