Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof Product Labels

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Product Labels

Designing the right product takes serious consideration. There are many variables to keep in mind to ensure your product is superior to the competition. For example, is it weatherproof? You should also consider if it can resist heat, water, or humidity. These environmental conditions are important to note, given their susceptibility to damage or defect. The last thing customers want to see when shopping online or in person is a defective label due to heat, moisture, or other external circumstance. Since moisture is one of the most common issues affecting the quality of consumer goods, be sure to know which product label is right for you. You may see a choice between waterproof and water-resistant, but each has differences. Here’s a brief guide on waterproof vs. water-resistant product labels to help. You’ll see that one reigns supreme over the other, but you’ll need to know which ones are best for your products.

Waterproof Product Labels

As their name suggests, waterproof product labels are fully protected against water damage. They are exceptionally durable and made from strong adhesives and substrates to prevent water or moisture from ruining typography and images. The unique characteristics allow products to withstand various environmental conditions.

When to Use Waterproof Product Labels

For example, soda, beer, or wine bottles are often left in a cooler surrounded by ice cubes. As the ice melts, the beverage does not lose its product label. No ink or paper residue gets left over, either. Therefore, waterproof product labels offer extreme water protection. Some people can even leave certain products in humid, moist conditions, like a bathroom, or submerged in water. Think of cosmetics and toiletries here. These products always retain their product logo without issue.

Water-Resistant Product Labels

Alternatively, water-resistant labels offer a similar yet different function. Unlike waterproof labels, water-resistant labels offer moisture protection but not to the extent that waterproof labels can. For example, water-resistant product labels can withstand limited exposure to moisture. Waterproof labels provide complete protection against water damage, but water-resistant labels can still lose their integrity if submerged or left in humid or high-moisture conditions. Water-resistant labels can still protect against oil and water, but only to a point.

When to Use Water-Resistant Product Labels

Food jars are a common example of using water-resistant labels. Some toiletries may also use water-resistant product labels, such as beard oil or hair product. One way to assess the durability of water-resistant labels is through an ink bleed test. Use a cotton swab and spray it with water. Then rub the surface of your product label to see if an ink bleed occurs. If it does bleed, your product label has not sufficiently protected the product label from losing its integrity. Fortunately, at Sttark, we’ve performed numerous tests to ensure our product labels are 100 percent waterproof. Whether or not you need complete waterproofing, this way, you maintain product integrity, quality, and efficiency for various applications.

Similarities and Differences

When discussing the roles of waterproof vs. water-resistant product labels, it’s important to note their similarities and differences. As previously mentioned, both waterproof and water-resistant product labels protect against water damage. This applies to various types of products. Food products, bottled beverages, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and essential oils can all utilize waterproof and water-resistant product labels in their design. The critical consideration is the durability needed to protect these labels sufficiently.

Waterproof labels provide the best resistance. You can take these products to the pool, beach, bathtub, or other body of water without damaging the product label. Beer bottles and snack wrappers are two common examples of completely waterproof product labels that can face submerged or prolonged moisture exposure without issue.

Contrarily, water-resistant products offer similar protection without total durability. In this case, there’s a higher risk with strictly water-resistant labels, given that excessive moisture content can still damage the product’s integrity. You also risk having your ink bleed everywhere, making comprehension of the product label difficult to understand. You can find examples of water-resistant products in food jars and frozen food containers. The condensation from refrigerators or freezers does not affect the integrity of the product label. However, prolonged contact with moisture will result in discoloration, warping, or defects on the label.

Which To Choose

That said, the simple solution for your products is an entirely waterproof product label. They have the strength and durability to withstand prolonged contact with moisture. Your product labels will suffer no damage or serious defect, which is vital if the label is an integral part of the product, especially with medicines, beverages, and CBD products. The waterproof design ensures that all consumer safety details, manufacturing information, and ingredient lists remain intact for the life of the product. Compared to the adhesives used in water-resistant labels, waterproof labels can use a wide variety of thermal printing to match the color of the product and sufficiently bond the label to the product’s surface.

Order Your Waterproof Labels with Sttark

Given that, there’s only one solution for the best custom waterproof labels. Check out Sttark to find waterproof labels for your food and beverage containers, essential oils, CDB oils, and more. We offer custom waterproof solutions for our customers using heat-resistant adhesives, stable inks, and laminate coating. Choose between white plastic, clear BOPP, and vinyl as a base material, then select the shape and size of your product.

We’ve simplified the process to ensure an easy transaction every step of the way. Sttark is proud to customize product labels and folding cartons based on your specific configurations.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding our services or waterproof product labels, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Don’t forget to check out our highly-rated Google reviews to see what customers are saying. If you want a taste but don’t want to commit to a full order, you can also request free samples using our online questionnaire. Order your labels today!

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Product Labels
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