Used Gallus Labelfire 340 For Sale

$890,000 USD

Discover the pinnacle of label printing technology with the used Gallus Labelfire 340, now available for sale. Positioned as a standout solution in the market, this advanced label press merges unparalleled precision, flexibility, and efficiency to cater to the most demanding printing needs. Acquired directly from the manufacturer in mid-2022, this machine remains in active production, showcasing its impeccable reliability and performance. Interested buyers seeking top-tier equipment in the realm of a used inkjet label press or similar advanced printing solutions will find the Gallus Labelfire 340 an unmatched asset.

The Gallus Labelfire 340 is designed to elevate your printing capabilities to new heights. Featuring a comprehensive infeed section with an unwinding unit and reel lift, alongside web conditioning that includes a corona pre-treatment unit and web cleaning device, this machine ensures your material is perfectly prepared for the printing process. The multi-process base platform, equipped with three base units and secondary rails, supports a wide array of printing tasks, from simple designs to complex, multi-layered projects.

At the heart of the Gallus Labelfire 340’s unmatched functionality is its digital printing unit, boasting an eight-color (CMYKOGVW) configuration. With a native resolution of 1200×1200 dpi, it delivers optimum quality at speeds up to 70 m/min, making it ideal for high-volume, high-definition printing tasks. The flexibility of the Gallus Labelfire 340 is further enhanced by its multiple flexographic printing units, screen printing unit, cold foil printing unit, and a variety of secondary process units, allowing for endless customization and finishing options.

The machine also includes a comprehensive downstream section, featuring additional flexographic printing units, varnish curing track, semi rotary die cutting unit, and extensive matrix rewinding capabilities. The outfeed section completes the robust design with twin rewinding units, inspection and splice table, and precise slitting devices. Moreover, the inclusion of UV-curing for five print positions, a Prinect DFE-Label for digital front-end management, and advanced register control systems ensures top-notch print quality and consistency.

For businesses seeking a used hybrid inkjet label press, the Gallus Labelfire 340 represents a significant investment in quality, efficiency, and versatility. Its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive features cater to a wide range of printing applications, from labels and packaging to specialty prints. With remote support access, country-specific configurations, and customer-specific solutions like coated idler rollers and self-wound lamination, the Gallus Labelfire 340 is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Seize this opportunity to enhance your printing operations with the Gallus Labelfire 340. Contact Bonnie Lee at or call 864-772-3438 for more information or to express your interest. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this exceptional piece of printing technology, poised to elevate your production capabilities and secure your place at the forefront of the industry.

For Sale : Gallus Labelfire 340 – Purchased new from Manufacturer in Mid 2022

We’ve decided to sell the Gallus Labelfire 340 as it no longer aligns precisely with our operational workflow and the typical profile of our customer orders. This choice stems from our practice at Sttark of customizing our equipment with unique automation features and additions to enhance efficiency and performance in our workflow. Unfortunately, these customizations are not compatible with Heidelberg’s specifications for the Gallus Labelfire 340.

This machine, known for its excellent build quality and reliable performance, continues to be utilized in our production to maintain its optimal condition. Our decision to sell is driven by a desire to match our infrastructure more closely with our specific operational needs rather than any issue with the machine itself. We’re confident that it will serve another business with great effectiveness in an environment where its capabilities can be fully leveraged.

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Infeed Section

1 Unwinding unit with reel lift

Web Conditioning

1 Corona pre-treatment unit front
1 Web cleaning device

Multi Process Base Platform

3 Multi process base unit
1 Secondary rail for 3 multi process base units
1 Base machine for 3 multi process base units

Upstream Position 1

1 Flexographic printing unit
1 Reading point for register control
1 Interface for secondary process units

Upstream Position 2

1 Flexographic printing unit

Digital Printing Unit

8 color (CMYKOGVW) digital print unit.

Native resolution of 1200×1200 dpi optimum quality at speeds up to 70 m/min

Downstream Position 1

1 Flexographic printing unit
1 Reading point for register control

Downstream Position 2

1 Flexographic printing unit
1 Interface for screen printing unit
1 Reading point for register control
1 Interface for secondary process units

Downstream Position 3

1 Flexographic printing unit
1 Varnish curing track
1 Reading point for register control

Downstream Position 4

1 Semi rotary die cutting unit
1 Reading point for register control
1 Interface for secondary process units

Matrix Rewinding

1 Matrix rewinder Basic

Outfeed Section

1 Twin Rewinding unit with reel lift
1 Web transport device
1 Inspection and splice table
1 Scissor slitter device
1 Razor blade device


1 UV-curing for 5 print positions

Flexo Printing

1 Flexo starter-kit

Screen Printing

1 Rotary screen printing unit
1 UV cassette for Screen printing unit
1 Squeegee pre-adjustment setting gauge

Secondary Processes

1 Cold foil printing unit

Digital Front End

1 Prinect DFE-Label

Register Control

1 Basic equipment register control
1 Insetting register control

Web Video

1 Web-video system Classic

Cooling Systems

1 Chilling machine, water chilled


2 Basic equipment for ionization
5 Ionization


2 Process change trolley

Remote Support

1 Remote support access

Country Specific

1 Operator language ENGLISH
1 Supply voltage machine 400 V
1 Supply voltage devices 230 V
1 Power frequency 60 HZ
1 Installation altitude <1000M

Customer Specific Solutions

1 Coated idler rollers
1 Self-wound lamination

OEM Equipment

1 Power adjustment transformer