Sttark Scholarship Opportunities

Fall scholarship applications are now open.

Fall 2024 Application Period: May 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024

Thank you to all students who submitted applications for the Spring 2024 scholarship period!

“You Can’t Label People, but You Can Label Products” Essay & Label Design Scholarship

“Unboxing Your Life” Video Scholarship

An essay scholarship of $3,000 to be awarded to a U.S. high school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student. Recognizing the pitfalls of misleading labels, we believe the best ideas begin with a blank slate —free from biases and assumptions. Embrace your inherent creativity and uniqueness through writing and design. Write a 1,000-word essay and submit an original label design to show us how products can be labeled but people can’t.

A video scholarship of $3,000 to be awarded to a U.S. high school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student who doesn’t live boxed in. Enticing carton packaging creates the first impression, but it’s the contents inside that keep people coming back. We understand that your presentation is merely a glimpse into who you are. Create a 5-minute unboxing video that shows us the contents of your life that make you who you truly are.

Although our company has been in the labels & packaging industry for over 19 years, these scholarships are available for students pursuing any field of study. We’re looking for innovators and people who think outside the box.

Giving is fundamental to our business; we want to invest in young creatives and innovators. Visit our About Page to learn more about Sttark. Click the Learn More buttons above to read about each of the submission requirements and begin preparing your submissions. For questions, please email