Frontier Label has become Sttark!

Exciting news! After 17 years as Frontier Label, we changed our business name to Sttark in 2022. The name “Frontier Label” no longer represents the mission of our business and dedication to becoming the most satisfying solution for custom printed packaging. With plans to expand our product offering into folding cartons, graphic design, and beyond, we feel that the name Sttark will provide a better brand for our company. Our branding style will change along with our name, but those changes will come along incrementally.

Stark is a German word meaning strong, simple, straightforward, complete, perfect, pure, thorough, surpassing, unadulterated, and powerful. To make it unique, we spell our name with two T’s.

Don’t worry, our ownership and personnel haven’t changed. We’re still the same great team you know and love. All that’s changing is our name.

Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us as Frontier Label. We’ve loved watching your businesses grow, so we are grateful for the opportunity to grow to better serve you in the future. We are excited for this next phase in our company history and we can’t wait to share it with you all.