6 Unique Product Packaging Design Trends To Consider in 2022

6 Unique Product Packaging Design Trends To Consider in 2022

Product packaging is one of the most important yet least talked about aspects of the supply chain. While many consumers understand the importance of manufacturing, shipping, and retail, package design is fundamental in attracting and influencing consumer behavior. Not to mention it’s practical, functional, and creative. Product packaging takes many forms too. It can result from customer demand, inherent to the company philosophy, or something bold and intuitive for the product itself. No matter the reason, if you want to learn more about product packaging for your business, read this guide. Here are six unique product packaging design trends to consider in 2022 to make your products stand out above the rest.

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Colorful Packaging

Most people have a vague concept of color theory or color psychology. This refers to how advertisers use colors to influence consumer behavior and emotion. For example, reds for excitement, greens for freshness, yellows for creativity, purples for ambition, and so on. While many businesses opted for bold primary colors in the past, in 2022, many have switched to loud and eccentric colorful packaging. Doing so makes for more eye-popping, jaw-dropping imagery that stops customers in their tracks. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and styles to make your product stand out. Viewing loud and creative product packaging is visually attractive, whether online or in person. Customers are more inclined to engage in purchasing behavior, leading to greater sales and increased profits for your business.

Vintage Packaging

Another stylistic option following the packaging design trends is vintage packaging. It may sound strange, but younger generations have a greater sense of collective nostalgia than older ones. That’s why you see a resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic popularized in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Even still, vintage marketing is a clever, imaginative option to target young and old markets. Popular styles include 1930s typography, 1950s art décor, and 1980s and 1990s eccentricities. The options are limitless. It gives customers a fresh look into styles long overlooked in their past. Customers also don’t need to appreciate the historical value of vintage packaging either. Although you will undoubtedly attract history-minded consumers, many appreciate those decades’ art, beauty, and intricacies. Vintage packaging is an excellent option for food, beverages, cosmetics, and supplements.

Simplistic Designs

If loud and colorful packaging isn’t your style, you can opt for the alternative: simplicity. There’s nothing wrong with simplistic packaging designs. In most cases, it showcases the product in a digestible, easy-to-understand way. Customers don’t feel overwhelmed and are more inclined to make a purchase because they know what they’re buying. Simplistic packaging is also more cost-efficient for businesses. You spend less money on design, colors, and fonts. Simplistic packaging further ensures a timeless product without overcomplicating the brand or imagery. Of course, it’s natural to change your packaging over time, and slight alterations can maintain the integrity of your product without overcomplicating its packaging and overwhelming consumers.

Sustainable Packaging

There is a growing trend among consumers for sustainable or environmentally friendly products, including product packaging. Younger generations are more likely to purchase sustainable products that are recyclable and reusable. Therefore, sustainable packaging is another one of the six unique product packaging design trends to consider in 2022. With growing attention to sustainability, it is a popular option for brands to consider. Given that product success depends on demand, it’s only natural that companies would opt for eco-conscious packaging to fit this consumer behavior. In doing so, look for sustainable packaging materials, earthy tones and colors, and other environmentally-themed designs to stand out. It’s a common option for organic cosmetics, toiletries, food and beverages, and more.

Interactive Packaging

The twenty-first century is the technological age. Due to the evolution of technological devices and online retail, the demand for interactive packaging has never been greater. Interactive packaging refers to the involvement of both consumer and package trends. For example, QR codes and smart readers allow customers to view the product without opening the package. This is a tremendous evolution in product packaging. Now customers have a fully interactive experience in a new innovative way. Other tools, like near-field communication and radio frequency identification, further help customers know what they’re buying. All customers need to do is get near a product, and it will pop up on their smart device. They can see more detailed information at a moment’s notice to know if the product is what they expect.


Last but not least, textured packaging is another trendy package design. Many business owners don’t consider the role of texture in their products. However, humans are a responsive species. They rely on touch sensation as much, and in some cases more so, than sight. While it may not seem like a significant implication in shopping behavior, touch is still an important asset. If something feels smooth and comforting, they’re more likely to buy it than if it’s coarse or discomforting. Still, alternative textures may come in handy, depending on what you sell. For instance, if you need to package natural bar soap, you may want to offer texturized packaging similar to the product. The subconscious plays a fundamental role in this purchasing power. Customers want something to feel like it looks. While this can be tricky to implement, use your best judgment to create texturized packaging that meets and feels the way you intend.

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6 Unique Product Packaging Design Trends To Consider in 2022
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