Best Beer Bottle Label Sizes and Materials

Best Beer Bottle Label Sizes and Materials

There are many different shapes and sizes of beer bottles out there. Craft breweries especially utilize a plethora of bottle styles and sizes to appeal to their wide variety of customers. The size and style of bottle chosen can communicate much, from the type of brew to the origin and history of the brewing method. This post will highlight some common beer bottle sizes and styles, and recommend a few label sizes that work well for each.

Beer Bottle Styles and Label Sizes

Choosing the best fitting label for your beer bottle can make all the difference when it comes to packaging. Since we’ve serviced craft breweries near and far, we’ve been able to compile a robust list of beer label sizes that work for a variety of bottle styles. You may notice that some sizes work for multiple bottle styles, which you can use to your advantage when ordering labels. You can group multiple labels into a single order if they share the same specs like size and material, thus receiving a low cost per label with bulk pricing.

We highly recommend testing out the size first before designing and ordering labels. Download the templates of the sizes you’re interested in, print them out, and see if they’ll work! 

Types of beer bottles

Stubby (11-12 oz)

A short and stout bottle with very little neck, usually chosen for a vintage or special edition brew.

Recommended Label Sizes for Stubby Bottles:

Heritage (12 oz)

Cousin to the Long Neck, the Heritage style bottle stands shorter and wider and has more of a craft look.

Recommended Label Sizes for Heritage Bottles:

Long Neck (12 and 16 oz)

Known as the Industry Standard Bottle (ISB), this is the most commonly used and recognizable bottle in the industry.

Recommended Label Sizes for Long Neck Bottles:

Belgian (12.7 oz)

A bottle with an elegantly curved neck, commonly used for (but not limited to) Belgian-style ales.

Recommended Label Sizes for Belgian Bottles:

Bomber (22 oz)

A large, regal bottle, best suited for imperial stouts, porters, farmhouse ales, etc.

Recommended Label Sizes for Bomber Bottles:

Mini Growler (32 oz)

Mini Growlers, colloquially known by many other names, is the half-size counterpart to the Growler.

Recommended Label Sizes for Mini Growlers: 

Growler (64 oz)

These large bottles allow customers to take home and enjoy brews that are only available on tap.

Recommended Label Sizes for Growlers:

Check out our in-depth label size guide to help you determine the best label size for your product.

Glass beer bottle labels

Best Label Materials for Beer Bottles

High-quality craft beer deserves a high-quality label. Check out what materials we recommend.

  • White Plastic – The bread and butter of label materials. Waterproof and oil-resistant, White Plastic won’t break down or wrinkle when exposed to moisture, so your artsy label design will stay looking sharp before, during, and after product consumption. The best part of all? White Plastic is our most cost-effective waterproof option, so you can keep your margins low.
  • Silver Metallic Plastic – For a more elevated look, consider utilizing metallic elements in your label design. Metallic labels are eye-catching and elegant but boast extreme durability by being waterproof and oil-resistant. 
  • Estate 4 – An unlaminated textured paper, Estate 4 is a popular choice for specialty and artisan craft brews. Though not completely waterproof, the Estate 4 paper is water-resistant, making it a much more durable option than regular paper materials. 
  • White Paper – The most economical label option. This bright white face stock is the perfect canvas for your most intricate label designs and can be paired with either a gloss or matte laminate to elevate your packaging further. White Paper is not waterproof, so you may want to avoid this material if you want your labels to stay as crisp as your lager.

Learn more about our label materials and finishes.

Get Started

Once you’ve finalized the best size and material for your brew, you’re one step closer to getting your product into your eager customers’ hands. A brilliantly designed, well-fitting label printed on high-quality material is the perfect recipe for creating beer bottle label designs that represent your brand well.

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