Custom Wine Labels: Materials, Sizes, and Design Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, wine is one of the top purchases for this romantic occasion. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, 32% of consumers are planning to spend money on an evening out in 2024. Not only is wine the perfect pairing for a dimly lit dinner for two, but a well-chosen bottle of wine from a specific region can have special meaning for your culture, traditions, or partner. Because we print hundreds of custom wine labels each year, we figured we’d share a few things we’ve seen businesses do with their wine labels. In this post, we’ll cover:

  • The most popular materials for wine labels
  • Standard sizes for wine bottle labels
  • Design inspiration for custom wine labels from our customers
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With so many types of wines available in the market, from reds, whites, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines, there is plenty of reason for brands to want custom labels to help their products stand out among other wine brands.

Popular Materials for Custom Wine Labels

Estate 4 Paper Wine Labels

Our most popular material choice for wine labels, Estate 4 Paper adds sophistication to any bottle of wine. Brands going for an elegant wine label often choose our Estate 4 Paper label material with its ribbed texture and bright white color to give their wines a premium feel. Due to its bright white colored paper, label designs with a lot of colors in the design will pop off the product. Estate 4 is also water-resistant and can withstand refrigeration, making it the perfect choice for premium beverages like wine.

Avon Classic Crest® Wine Labels

Avon Classic Crest® paper labels are also suited to withstand moisture like Estate 4 paper labels. This unlaminated material has a naturally smooth texture. With Avon Classic Crest® paper being responsibly sourced, FSC-certified, and acid-free, it is a great choice for eco-conscious wine brands.

White Plastic Wine Labels

More durable than paper labels, our White Plastic label material is another popular choice for wine brands looking for a cost-effective option. This waterproof label material provides an added layer of protection for beverage products. Unlike the unlaminated paper materials, you can add a label laminate to our plastic materials to create a customized look for your wine label.

Metallic Plastic Wine Labels

For wine brands looking to add a shimmer to their custom labels, they use our Metallic Plastic label material. This raw metallic material is like traditional foil. Once you add semi-transparent inks on top of it, you can make the colors on your custom wine label metalized.

Standard Sizes for Wine Bottle Labels

custom wine label sizes for each wine bottle shape from sttark

Due to the wide range of wine bottle shapes, there is no set size for custom wine labels. The shape of the bottle doesn’t have any effect on the wine inside. We want to help you narrow down your label choices by providing a few of the most common sizes for each wine bottle shape.

Here are the six standard shapes for wine bottles and sizes for each:

1. Alsace Wine Bottle (750 ml)

  • 3.50″ L x 4.00″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 4.00″ W

These tall, slender wine bottles are commonly used for Rieslings and Pinot Gris. Alsace bottles are typically either brown or green in color.

2. The Bordeaux Bottle (750 ml)

  • 3.50″ L x 4.00″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 4.00″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 5.00″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 6.00″ W

You’re probably the most familiar with the Bordeaux bottle, as it is one of the most common wine bottle shapes. Its straight sides, tall, high shoulders, and straight neck make it easily identifiable. Most wines are sold in this type of bottle, but Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends are the most popular.

3. Burgundy Bottle

  • 3.50″ L x 4.00″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 4.00″ W

The Burgundy wine bottle has a wider base and longer neck than the Bordeaux bottle, with distinctive sloping shoulders. These wine bottles often include Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, and Pinot Noirs.

4. Champagne Bottle

  • 4.00″ L x 3.50″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 4.00″ W
  • 5.00″ L x 3.00″ W

Resembling burgundy bottles, these bottles are made with thicker and heavier glass to contain the pressure of the bubbles of champagne and other sparkling wines. Champagne-style bottles traditionally have large punts (the indent in the bottom of the bottle).

5. Port Bottle

  • 4.00″ L x 4.00″ W
  • 4.00″ L x 4.75″ W

Fortified wines such as Port, Sherry, and Madeira can be found in Port wine bottles. They resemble a Bordeaux bottle but typically have a wider cylindrical shape and a sediment trap for pouring.

6. Provence Bottle

  • 3.50″ L x 4.00″ W

Provence wine bottles look somewhat like bowling pins or hourglasses. Their distinct shape makes it easy to spot rosé on store shelves.

(Bonus) Piccolo or Mini Wine Bottle

  • 3.00″ L x 3.00″ W
  • 3.00″ L x 2.00″ W
  • 2.00″ L x 2.00″ W

In addition to these standard shapes, you may want to create custom labels for mini wine bottles. Here are a few common label sizes for mini wine bottles:

While these are common label sizes, when ordering custom wine labels, you can test out many different shapes and sizes to find the length and width you are looking for. You can use Sttark’s online label template generator to download your custom wine label size. Once you print your wine label template, be sure to wrap it around your bottle to ensure it fits the way you desire.

Label Design Best Practices for Wine

Designing custom wine labels is a blend of creativity and practicality. Firstly, it’s crucial to understand your brand identity and ensure that your label reflects it accurately. Your brand identity includes your colors, fonts, and how you want to be seen by your customers. You might want to use different colors or materials depending on your target audience.

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Wine Label Design Inspiration

Here are a few custom wine label designs to inspire your next project.

Chronicle Wines | Avon Classic Crest®

Image from Instagram

Wonderment Wines | Estate 4 Paper

Image from Instagram

Nocking Point Wines | Black Vellum

Image from Instagram

Soldier Creek Winery | Metallic Plastic + Matte Laminate

Image from Instagram

South Bend Winery | White Plastic + Matte Laminate

Image from Instagram

If you’d like to create your own custom wine labels, you can hire our label designers to help you or get a quote easily using our online quote tool. Feel free to contact our Customer Care Team if you have any questions.

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