How to Choose the Best CBD Wholesale Partner

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The CBD consumer products industry is big business. According to a Grand View Research report, the global CBD market was worth $20.3 billion in 2019. And it’s projected to get even larger, growing at an expected compound annual rate of over 25% through 2027. 

It’s an exciting time to plug into this industry. With so many consumers using CBD for purported health benefits, the growth potential is certainly there. If you’re looking to start a new CBD product business from the ground up or interested in expanding your existing brand to include CBD offerings, finding the right wholesale partner is essential. In this post, we’ll share what to look for in locating a quality CBD oil wholesaler you can depend on. Once you can recognize the hallmarks of a reputable CBD distributor, you’ll be ready to begin the vetting process with confidence.

1. Conducts Third-Party Quality Testing

With growth happening so rapidly, the CBD marketplace has been flooded with sub-par products. A recent study conducted by a collection of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with several other research institutions, found that 69% of the CBD products contained levels of CBD that were either higher or lower than the amount advertised on the product label. With so much subpar CBD oil on the market, using a CBD wholesaler that conducts third-party testing on their products goes a long way in building consumer confidence. A quality CBD distributor will be eager to prove that their product is what it’s advertised to be. 

2. Offers Full-Spectrum CBD Products

CBD comes in two forms: isolates and full-spectrum. Isolates are just the CBD chemical compound. Full-spectrum includes not only CBD, but also a collection of other beneficial compounds that are produced along with the CBD as the hemp plant is refined, such as fatty acids, vitamins, terpenes, and other cannabinoids that all come with their own health benefits. Where isolates are like eating a single hamburger, full-spectrum is like digging into a full lunch buffet. Most CBD-savvy consumers look for full-spectrum CBD offerings because they understand the health benefits attached. Make sure your CBD distributor offers only full-spectrum products. 

3. Products Contain Multiple Carrier Oils

CBD oils are actually a blend of CBD and a carrier oil. Carrier oils help deliver CBD to the body more effectively and often have their own health benefits. Some of the most common carrier oils include MCT, hemp seed, and olive oil. Each one has its pros and cons. Be sure to ask which carrier oil or oils your prospective CBD wholesaler is using in their blends. Offering products that use more than one carrier oil can attract potential customers with a clear preference for a specific one.

4. CBD Products are Verified THC-Free

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant. THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, is also present. High-quality CBD products entirely remove the THC compound. CBD enthusiasts aren’t looking for a high — they’re looking for the health benefits they experience when using CBD. And they don’t want to risk unexpectedly testing positive for THC. Entirely removing THC is expensive, so not every producer takes that extra step. Verify with prospective CBD wholesalers that their products are verified THC-free.

5. Domestic CBD Sourcing and Production

While there are several countries leading the way in hemp production, it’s a good idea to choose a domestic manufacturer. Farming and refining processes are better regulated in some countries than others, so you’ll need to do your research if sourcing internationally. U.S. buyers often look for CBD produced in the U.S. or Canada for this reason, so offering CBD products from hemp grown in the U.S. is a strong selling point with potential consumers if you’re based in the U.S.

6. Offers Organic CBD Options  

Hemp is a bio-accumulator, drawing in a range of substances from its growing environment. If it’s not grown organically, some of those substances can include toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. Organically-grown CBD eliminates many of those concerns. Organic CBD is more expensive, but having organic CBD products on offer can help you connect with health-conscious customers willing to pay more for potentially-safer products. CBD wholesalers with organic options offer an edge in a competitive market space.

7. Have a Reputation for Good Service

The best CBD and hemp oil wholesalers have a solid record for good customer service and reliable order fulfillment. Before choosing a supplier, locate reviews online from other retailers. Are they able to fill orders quickly, or are their product offerings frequently back-ordered? Is the supplier easy to get in touch with? Do they resolve problems promptly? Test them out for yourself with a phone call and email. Did they respond quickly? Was their representative professional and efficient in answering your questions? Were they willing to send you product samples for inspection?

8. Offer a Variety of CBD Products

CBD comes in many forms, from oils to edibles. A dependable wholesale partner offers a broad range of products. Look through their product catalog to make sure they have all of the products you’re interested in selling.

9. Whitelabel Options for CBD Wholesale

Some CBD and hemp wholesalers offer options to whitelabel their products. If you’re looking to create your line of CBD-based products, finding a wholesale partner willing to whitelabel is a must. 

10. Attractive Packaging Options 

You’ll need attractive packaging whether you’re looking to resell another brand or white label your own. What’s on the outside matters. Make sure your packaging design, including your label, matches the message that your brand is trying to convey. There’s just no replacement for professionally designed packaging and labels that follow sound design principles. Consumers have many choices in the CBD retail space, and a high-quality CBD label will help attract attention.

11. Competitive Wholesale Program 

Some CBD wholesalers offer more generous wholesale programs than others. When examining pricing, make sure the wholesaler you choose is selling their products at a level low enough for you to maintain a healthy profit margin.

Top Picks


BATCH is a Wisconsin-based company with a deep respect for nature, transparency, and authenticity. The BATCH team is obsessed with quality, which is why they control their value chain from farm to the final finished product. 

2. Joy Organics

This CBD producer is unique in that they offer a complete line of USDA Certified Organic CBD products, which can be challenging to find. This can be especially useful if you’re interested in providing organic CBD products. 

Finding the Best CBD Distributors

If you’re looking to get into the rapidly expanding CBD consumer market, choosing the right wholesale partner is the most crucial decision you’ll make. They’re not all created equal, so it’s critical to do your homework first. Knowing what matters most and asking the right questions will ensure you choose a CBD wholesale partner that can help your business thrive.

We’ve worked with a variety of companies using CBD wholesale distributors, helping them create packaging labels that stand out. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about CBD labeling and help you choose the best type of label for your CBD products.

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