Stickers Vs. Labels: What’s the Difference?

Stack of custom stickers

If you are looking for a creative way to label your product or promote your brand, you’ve probably found yourself searching for custom labels or stickers–or both. By now you might be wondering, what’s the difference?

Essentially, labels and stickers are the same thing. The printing process is identical and labels and stickers function exactly the same way–they stick to things!

Although stickers and labels share many of the same attributes and function the same way, there are some differences in how each are used, and knowing these differences can help you make better choices about what design approach and print material is right for you. 

What are Labels?

A label is a slip of paper, plastic, fabric, or similar material affixed to a container or product to provide information about the make-up and purpose of the item. 

Besides providing those necessary details, labels also function as a marketing tool to create shelf appeal and capture customer attention. 

Keeping these intended purposes in mind, you can work with a graphic designer to create a label that represents your brand and conveys information well. 

One of the ways many ways to achieve a creative label design is to use a non-traditional label material like our Metallic, Holographic, Clear, or Kraft materials. 

Clear BOPP Supplement Labels

Each of our print materials have different features, so it’s also important to think ahead and consider how your label will hold up once it leaves the store. For example, if the product is oil-based or will be stored in a refrigerator, you will want to choose a waterproof or oil-resistant material. 

Check out our label material and finishes guide so that your product label looks great on and off the shelf. 

What Are Stickers?

While similar to labels, stickers are generally used to promote and spread awareness of a brand! Oftentimes, companies will give stickers away for free in exchange for easy exposure to a larger audience. 

If your sticker design resonates with your customer, that person is likely to apply the sticker to their water bottle, laptop, or car window–and everywhere they go, your brand gains additional exposure. 

Custom water bottle labels

In order to get your sticker out there in the world, your custom sticker design must first be interesting or engaging enough for someone to showcase it, so focus the design efforts on your current audience. Consider ways to incorporate humor, use bold colors, and simplify text for an attractive and engaging promo sticker.

If you want to get super creative with your marketing campaigns, well-placed stickers can also be used as unique advertisements

Keeping in mind that your stickers are likely to end up in different places, maybe even outdoors, you may want to consider using a waterproof, oil-proof, or UV resistant material for durability. Refer back to that handy material guide to see the best options for your sticker design. 

Best of Both Worlds

Whether you need a label printer to run informative product labels or fun stickers for your next marketing campaign, we are here to help! Request a sample pack to see our material offerings, get the ball rolling with an online quote, or give our friendly Experience Team a call to talk about what you have in mind. 

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