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Our new Custom Folding Cartons are just as customizable as our labels always have been. Finish your folding carton with laminates that will protect them from moisture, sunlight, oils and solvents, fingerprints, scuffing, and friction. From Gloss to Holographic, Linen to Leather, our goal is to match materials across both Label and Carton product lines. Let your packaging material reflect your identity just as much as the artwork on the box. Having trouble coming up with the perfect image for your carton? Our graphic design team is ready to help.

Sttark is your go-to resource for carton materials for all products. We have a wide portfolio to choose from featuring gloss, matte, rainbow holographic, leather, and soft touch matte finishes. Whether you’re looking for custom folding cartons for nutritional supplements, cosmetics, toiletries, skin care products, CBD products, or food and beverage products, we have it. If you can’t find the right carton material for you, talk to us. We’ll configure the best product label and package material to fit your needs and preferences. Sttark is proud to make customer satisfaction a top priority, which is why we believe in full transparency and custom craftsmanship for your company. Call us today to learn more. You can also fill out our online questionnaire to receive free samples of our packaging materials.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve, which is why we’re going to offer even more material choices soon! Stay tuned!

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White Paper Cartons

White Paper Cartons offer an economical choice for dry consumer goods with 89 Brightness and 18pt thickness, suitable when avoiding oil, water, or moisture contact.

bright white paper folding carton box

Bright White Paper Cartons

Bright White Paper Cartons, with 92 Brightness and 18pt thickness, are our popular option, enhanced with an optional Moisture and Oil Resistant Coating for products that encounter such elements.

Metallic Paper Cartons

Custom Metallic Paper cartons radiate brand superiority, ideal for indoor applications, including CBD products, vitamins, specialty foods, and premium candles.

Rainbow Holographic Cartons

Rainbow Holographic Cartons offer attention-grabbing appeal, like Metallic Paper, suitable for CBD products, vitamins, specialty foods, and premium candles.

Black vellum cartons

Black Vellum Cartons

Black Vellum paper cartons feature ultra-black specialty paper, perfect for artisan candles and high-end beauty products.

white vellum paper carton pink sands by sea & grass

White Vellum Cartons

White Vellum Paper, with 97 Brightness and 18pt thickness, offers a premium look for dry consumer goods that avoid oil, water, or moisture contact.

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Unique products deserve extraordinary cartons! With us, it’s easy to create cartons that meet your needs, exceed your expectations and help you sell more products. Log in or create an account and complete the request form to have all our materials in your hands within a matter of days for testing.

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