The Mailroom Barber

Tame Your Hair & Beard

The Mailroom Barber Co.

Robert Watkins is the kind of guy who likes to take matters into his own hands: when he couldn’t find a barber shop to give him the hairstyle he was looking for, he learned to cut his own hair. Thus, the Mailroom Barber Co. was born. And in 2014, when he realized how difficult it was to find ethically sourced hair products, he decided to make his own, right there on-site at his dapper barber shop in Florence, South Carolina. Robert, who has a background in graphic design, knew he wanted to partner with someone who could bring his vision to life. Frontier teamed up with Robert to create labels that aligned with his vision for the look and feel of his products, and helped them figure out the challenges of expanding their product line as the business grew.