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Will, Marco, and David are super passionate about third-wave coffee, a movement that’s all about top-notch brews and locally roasted beans. So it didn’t take too long after opening the doors of Methodical Coffee to Greenville before they were ready to take it one step further by roasting their own beans and packaging their own products. Luckily, whether it’s lattes or labels, Methodical and Frontier have one thing in common: a commitment to quality. The Frontier team was eager to help the Methodical trio with some of the unique challenges that arose with labeling their products, from individually dated bags of beans to chilly, damp bottles of cold-brew, while maintaining the coffee shop’s strong visual identity.


Video Transcription:

David Baker, Methodical Coffee: So the idea for Methodical Coffee started back in 2013 when Will Shurtz, Marco Suarez and I all had the same vision for a third wave coffee shop in Greenville, South Carolina. And from different angles, we had all seen this being done in other cities that we were living and decided Greenville is a great place to start a similar coffee shop. And as we had the vision for the shop, we realized that we’d also like to roast at some point, so quickly on the heels of opening the shop, we were already looking at getting into the roasting business to show Greenville that there could be a local company doing what other national roasters are doing at a high level.


Will Shurtz, Methodical Coffee: When we started the coffee shop, we wanted to be a really inviting place. We wanted the whole city to feel welcome in it. We want to emphasize the fact that the coffee shop is for everybody. You know, it always has been and we just want to bring that to the community, and contribute to the culinary scene that’s already kind of going on in Greenville, we wanted to take it a step further with coffee.


Marco Suarez, Frontier Label: Every package that we’ve done has required some unique constraints. For the cold brew, the constraint there was that it was going to be cold and it was going to be wet. And so we need a label that will work in that regard but that we could also write on, because every bottle has a brewed on date. And then lastly were the bags. So we came up with the idea of adding a label to the front where we could specify the coffee information and be unique for that coffee. So we work with Frontier to print those labels. We work with Frontier for the candles, for the cold brew bottles, and they’ve been extremely easy to work with, extremely helpful. It was great to work with people. Most of these things you get done online. And the nice thing about Frontier is that it’s a very personal relationship.


Anna Madison, Frontier Label: When Methodical Coffee first came to us, they really wanted an un-laminated material for their candles and their bags. But when they started their cold brew, they really needed something that was waterproof. So we switched to a white plastic with a matte laminate, so it gave the same look and the same feel but was fully waterproof for their needs.


Marco Suarez, Methodical Coffee: Any question I would throw at them, they always had an answer, a quick response. It’s a great relationship and one we plan to maintain for a long time.