Black Vellum: A Specialty Material Highlight

O'Douds hair care labels printed on Black Vellum

Black Vellum labels or cartons make any product look tasteful and suave. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes this specialty label and carton material unique, highlight its material features, and provide graphic design tips for designing with this material.

Design Considerations for Black Vellum

What makes Black Vellum so special? This ultra-black, eco-friendly specialty material provides amazing color contrast, so rich or bright colors in your design will really pop off the background. But even with its superior color contrast, many customers opt for an all-white design; this one-color simplicity makes the packaging look clear, crisp, and classy! Regardless of your color choice, designing on this sleek material is sure to grab your customers’ attention.

Picture from 228 Grant Street Candle Co.’s Instagram

A Classy Material to Sophisticate Your Packaging

Black vellum for labels is unique—it’s not only black on the front and back, but on the sides as well, so the labels blend in seamlessly to your packaging. Also, you can try these labels on bright or clear containers—they’re sure to stand out from the crowd!

Don’t let black vellum’s refined appearance mislead you—it is quite a durable material with excellent water-resistance. That means, even if it gets a little wet, your labels will still look great—no smudges or wrinkles! This makes black vellum a great choice for wine bottle labels, craft beer labels, artisan candles, high-end cosmetic products, and more!

Gunfighter Candle Co. Black Vellum Cartons

Design Tip: Want to try a subtle effect to make your labels or cartons look even more sophisticated? Try designing with different black builds and opacities on top of this material to give a subtle embossed look.

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