5 Reasons Why Custom Cartons Are Right for Your Product

Product Cartons

When designing product packaging, most companies opt for custom labels as the singular source for displaying product and company information. However, many companies go a step further by investing in a custom carton for their product. As a business owner or product designer, you may wonder whether a custom carton is the right choice for your business. In this post, we’ll explain the benefits of custom cartons so you can determine if they’re right for your product.

What Are Custom Cartons?

A custom carton is a type of product packaging used for a variety of industries. Custom cartons may also be referred to as folding cartons or product boxes. Cartons are typically made from white paperboard, but can also be made with other material types and include custom finishes. Companies typically include a bulk of the product information on the cartons, as well as their logo and other business information.

Custom cartons are distinct from shipping boxes in that they are not meant for shipping or heavy-duty handling. Shipping boxes are typically made of corrugated cardboard, which is significantly stronger than paperboard.

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What Kind of Products Benefit from Custom Cartons?

Custom cartons are practical and beneficial for virtually any and every industry. As long as your product can fit within a carton, a carton is right for your product. 

Most commonly, these are the industries and products we produce cartons for:

  • Candles
  • Cosmetics and makeup
  • Skincare
  • CBD oils and topicals
  • Essential oils
  • Supplements and vitamins
  • Pet products
  • Hair care products
  • Food products
  • Vape and e-juice

5 Reasons Why Custom Cartons Are Right for Your Product

1. Custom Cartons Protect Your Product

A major benefit of custom cartons is that they protect your product. A carton can prevent superficial damage like scratches, dents, smudges, and dust, as well as prevent major damage caused by dropping or mishandling the packaged product. As an added packaging layer, custom cartons can also help prevent tampering. Tamper-proof packaging helps maintain product integrity as well as the safety of your customers.

For example: If you offer essential oils, serums, CBD oil, or other oil-based products sensitive to UV light, a carton adds an extra layer of protection to your product. With the extra UV protection provided by a carton, you can also choose to package your oils in clear glass jars instead of amber jars. Sealing the carton with a sticker adds a secure, tamper-evident touch.

2. Custom Cartons Are Easier to Ship and Display

Tubes, dropper bottles, candles, and bags are just a few types of packaging that can be difficult to ship and display neatly on their own. However, custom cartons keep your products organized when being shipped and allow them to be displayed tidily. Cartons can be stacked with more structural integrity than other containers, letting you display more product than you otherwise could.

3. Custom Cartons Create New Marketing Opportunities

For many businesses, the product is the packaging. Take candle jars for example. At face value, candles are meant to cast a warm glow and a pleasant fragrance. However, the candle jar has also taken on an important role in influencing the overall experience of the candle. Many candlemakers opt for a simple label on the candle jar–or none at all–in favor of a more detailed custom carton. A carton provides more real estate for branding and messaging, which in turn makes it easier to differentiate your product from its competitors on the same shelf. 

4. Custom Cartons Are Prestigious

A custom carton adds an extra layer of luxury to your product. Packaging your product with such care signifies the product itself is high-quality. A custom carton helps differentiate your product from that of your competitors, even if your competitors also use cartons. Why? The quality of the carton also plays a role in making your product feel luxurious. Linen, leather, and soft touch matte are all unique carton materials that are eye-catching and prestigious.

5. Custom Cartons Elevate the Customer Experience

A custom carton provides the opportunity to include branded imagery and information about your business. This is extremely powerful for e-commerce-based businesses especially because they have fewer opportunities to connect with customers than those with brick-and-mortar stores. The carton may be the first physical interaction a customer has with your brand, period. A branded carton can include customer-centric messaging that acts as a proverbial handshake between your business and the consumer, strengthening the relationship and creating a positive association with your brand. 

How to Create Beautiful Custom Cartons

A custom carton is just as important as the rest of your product packaging, so make sure it is designed with considerable thought and care. Follow these best practices when creating your custom cartons.

Lean Into Your Branding

As mentioned, custom cartons provide the opportunity to market your brand and connect with current and potential customers. Therefore, lean into your branding when designing a custom carton. Unless minimalism is the core value of your business, try to take advantage of the carton’s surface area by sneaking in branded messaging and imagery.

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Partner with a Carton Designer

Designing a carton is by no means an easy feat. While designing a label is relatively simple, carton design presents a unique challenge in that the final product is three-dimensional instead of two-dimensional. To make sure your carton designs come out perfectly, partnering with an experienced graphic designer may be the way to go. Choose a graphic designer who has experience with custom cartons to ensure they can execute your vision with precision.

Choose High-Quality Carton Materials
The quality of your packaging indirectly communicates the quality of your product (a phenomenon known as “sensation transference”). Therefore, you need to choose a high-quality material for your custom cartons. This doesn’t mean you need to break the budget, however. There are many affordable carton material options in the market right now. When shopping for a carton provider, be sure to request samples of their material offerings so you can make an informed decision.

Find a Great Carton Printer

A well-designed carton is nothing if the print quality is poor. That’s why it’s imperative to find a reputable printer with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff who are determined to deliver high-quality results. At Sttark, that’s exactly what we do. Our entire team is committed to producing the most excellent custom cartons for your business and will partner closely with you to make that goal happen.

Packaged with Care

By now, you should know whether a custom carton is right for your product. If you’re ready to get started with custom carton creation, contact our customer care team via live chat or send us a message. We love what we do and we’re eager to help your business benefit from beautiful product packaging.

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