Dropper Bottle Size Guide

Four Boston round oil dropper bottles in various sizes.

Dropper bottles are a sturdy, easy-to-use option for holding a wide variety of products — from serums to CBD to essential oils. Dropper bottles can also be used as tincture bottles for dispensing a variety of plant compounds. In this post, we’ll be exploring the different dropper bottle sizes, types, and recommendations for what each is best used for. Additionally, we’ll cover the best materials to use for labeling and creative ideas to level up your dropper bottle packaging. 

Dropper Bottle Materials

Dropper bottles are most commonly made from glass. They’re usually an amber color, but they can also be found in a range of other colors like matte black. Dark shades of glass help to protect the contents from damage by UV rays. 

Although glass is most common, tincture bottles can also be made using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a strong, hard resin that’s highly impact-resistant. Others are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a sturdy plastic that’s also very impact-resistant.

Uses for Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are flexible for a variety of applications. Their eyedropper top makes them an ideal choice for dispensing liquids in standardized amounts. Standardization is especially important when you’re using them to package certain tinctures since customers want to know exactly how much product they’re dispensing. 

Essential oils also commonly appear in dropper bottles. The powerful scent of these oils requires precision in usage. (Although you may appreciate a light lavender scent on your pillow at nighttime, too much may be overwhelming!)

Dropper bottles are also ideal for beauty products. Face, skin, and eye serums are usually highly concentrated, and dropper bottles allow customers to get just the right amount out. 

Dropper Bottle Sizes and Labels

Dropper bottle sizes are .5 oz (15 ML)., 1 oz. (30 ML), and 2 oz. (60 ML). The size of the bottle will determine what size label you should use. Since we have lots of experience printing labels for all shapes and sizes of dropper bottles, we’ve compiled a few suggested sizes below. You can print the templates of the recommended sizes for your dropper bottles to determine the perfect fit, and then use the digital template to update your label design to fit.

A 2 oz. (60 ML) bottle can comfortably accommodate the following label sizes:

A 1 oz. (30 ML) bottle can comfortably accommodate the following label sizes:

A .5-oz. (15 ML) bottle can comfortably accommodate the following label sizes:

Packaging Ideas for Bottle Droppers

Most bottle or tincture droppers come packaged in a separate, paperboard container. This extra layer of packaging gives the product a finished look and more than doubles the available space for branding and product usage information. Adding exterior product packaging gives you another opportunity to differentiate your product in a sea of competition. In the battle for a potential customer’s eyeballs, this is valuable real estate you can fill with custom artwork, highlight key product attributes, and display branding messages.

Although helpful, an outer layer of packaging isn’t essential. If you’re budget-conscious or trying to do your part to reduce packaging waste, consider using a unique labeling material to set your product apart instead. A bottle dropper with a perfectly paired label can look highly compelling on its own. 

Best Labeling Materials for Bottle Droppers

Finding the best labeling material for your dropper bottles depends on both your budget and what’s in the bottles. Some label materials are more expensive than others and have unique properties that make them better suited for certain applications. Here are some of the most popular label options for dropper bottles.

Clear Plastic 

Clear Plastic labels are an affordable and durable labeling option. These budget-friendly labels look good on dropper bottles and are waterproof, making them an excellent choice for essential oils or CBD products. If you’re looking for crystal clear labels that are virtually impossible to see on the product packaging, Ultra Clear Plastic labels take clarity to a whole new level. This label material is both waterproof and oil-resistant, making it a perfect label material for beauty products or cosmetics.

Black Vellum 

This classic, solid black label provides a sophisticated, high-end look. When paired with a matte or glossy black dropper bottle, a Black Vellum label takes product packaging to the next level. It’s also water-resistant, making it a good choice for labeling beauty products and plant-based tinctures. 


For brands focused on eco-conscious packaging, TerraSkin is an ideal label material. TerraSkin is a unique composite that’s made with 80% calcium carbonate, a biodegradable material that’s used to create paper labels that are water-resistant and durable. This earth-friendly labeling material is a solid choice for organic or all-natural nutraceuticals products, tinctures, and cosmetic serums.

O'Douds labels with black background.

Let Us Guide You On Dropper Bottle Sizes and Options

Dropper bottles are one of the most popular types of containers for packaging liquids. Custom labels made from the right materials can transform the humble dropper bottle into an attractive finished product you’ll be proud to put your brand on. Our team has extensive experience working with companies that sell products packaged in tincture bottles. We can recommend label materials and printing specs that are best suited to these bottles. Our labels adhere firmly to your dropper and tincture bottles, ensuring a quality look and feel. 

Unsure what materials or finishes to choose, or have questions about labels for tinctures and dropper bottles? Give us a call at 877.277.4682. We’re happy to help!

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