How To Package and Ship Candles

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Because candles are delicate and easily scratched, they require special care when shipping. For candle makers, it’s vital to know how to package candles for shipping so they arrive looking as beautiful as they were when they left your facility. In this post, we’ll share answers to many of the commonly asked questions on shipping candles, including how to package candles, how to ship candles in the summer, and more.

Can You Ship Candles in the Mail?

You sure can! And you have many options beyond USPS, since all major shippers, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL, accept candles. The best choice of carrier to ship your candles will likely depend on which one provides the most competitive pricing and best service. Shipping speed is another important factor to consider — some customers will be willing to pay more for faster shipping. 

If you’re selling online, shipping rates can vary significantly. An online shipping calculator automatically calculates the shipping rates based on a variety of factors, including where a customer lives, delivery speed, and preferred carrier. Most e-commerce websites include a built-in shipping calculator so it’s simple for customers to choose how their goods will be shipped. If you don’t already have one installed on your site, you might want to consider adding it.

How To Ship Candles in the Summer

High summer temperatures and very hot delivery trucks can spell trouble for candles. If you’re shipping candles in the summer, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that your candles arrive in good condition. The first is wrapping them in frozen gel packs. This helps keep the candles cool without freezing them, which can cause the wax to crack. Next, using express shipping reduces the overall time your candles will spend in poorly air-conditioned shipping centers and delivery trucks. Expedited shipping also maximizes the cooling effects of the gel packs, which can only stay cold for a limited time. Finally, using automated email or text delivery reminders to alert customers on the day a delivery is scheduled can reduce the chances your candles will spend most of the day baking in the mailbox or languishing on the front doorstep.

4 Tips for Packaging and Shipping Candles

You put a lot of care and attention into creating candles your customers will love, so you’ll want to put just as much into making sure those candles arrive safely. Here are four ways to pack candles for shipping that ensure they reach their final destination in prime condition and look their best when customers unbox them.

1. Choose the Right Shipping Boxes 

Most candles are poured into a glass jar or tin. This makes them highly susceptible to damage from the bumps, drops, and jostles inherent in the shipping process. Selecting the right shipping container protects your candles during their journey, ensuring they make it to their final destination in pristine condition. An ideal box for shipping candles is one made from sturdy, corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has an outer and inner layer separated by a fluted middle layer. These three layers provide ample protection and cushioning for candles in transit. Finally, the right shipping box for your candles should be slightly larger than the candle itself. This ensures there will be enough space for packing material inside the box.

2. Pack with Care

While corrugated folding cartons provide a strong outer layer of protection, they don’t eliminate the need for interior padding. Packing material like shredded kraft paper or bubble wrap keeps the candle from moving around inside the box. The more movement, the greater the chances the glass jar will break or the tin will dent. 

3. Maximize the Unboxing Experience

For most people, candles are a fun splurge. Relaxing by the warm glow of a candle is a soothing experience that many people look forward to. Why not capitalize on that sense of anticipation by creating an unboxing experience to match? To begin, you can make the unboxing experience something special by strategically customizing the materials you need to include anyway. One example of this is selecting packing material that’s unique, like colored tissue paper that coordinates with the scent of the candle it accompanies. Another idea is customizing the cardboard shipping container with custom artwork, witty advertising copy, or both. Including a postcard-sized insert with a handwritten note is a great option, too, especially for smaller companies with lower order volume. Packaging your candle in a custom carton further adds to the unboxing experience. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. 

4. Elevate Your Brand with Custom Labels

Most candles occupy a prominent place in peoples’ homes. Using custom labels can turn a quality candle into a beautiful decorative piece your customers will both use and enjoy. Custom labels can also help you stand apart from the competition. They can be placed directly onto candle jars or used on exterior packaging, and are a very effective way of conveying your brand message. Kraft paper, metallic plastic, or black matte labels are all great options for use on candles. Each one can be printed using your own custom artwork and lettering. It’s an easy and affordable way to create candle labels as unique as the candles themselves. 

Ready To Ship Your Candles? We Can Help with That.

So can you ship candles? Absolutely! Whether you mail your candles personally or choose another carrier, shipping candles is a great way to expand the reach of your business far beyond the local market. By following the candle shipping basics, you’ll be able to get your creations safely from your shop into the homes of your customers.

At Frontier, we work with candle makers, as well as candle retailers and wholesalers, to provide a range of customizable folding cartons that look great and provide ample protection during shipping. We also offer a full line of custom folding cartons and custom candle labels for candle jars or packaging. If you have any questions about label selection or printing, don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Care Team by phone or Live Chat! Our team is ready to serve your business with care and excellence.

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