Sttark's Ultimate Guide to Soap Packaging

Sttark's Ultimate Guide to Soap Packaging

As artisan soaps have grown in popularity, soap packaging has evolved to match unique, high-end soap products. With so many great soap packaging ideas to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming for business owners to sift through all of the options to find the best fit for their soaps. In this post, we’ll cut through the noise, covering what to consider when packaging soaps and the many different ways to package soaps. No guide is complete without some inspiration, so we’ll close out with five custom soap packaging ideas we love!

Considerations for Soap Packaging

Packaging soap is a pretty straightforward process, but there are a few things to watch out for to make sure your products reach your customers in prime condition. Here are the top four considerations.

Use Quality Soap Packaging Materials

The grade of packaging materials you choose for your soaps is very important. This is especially true if you’re marketing small-batch, higher-end soaps. Consumers have numerous options, so using well-designed, quality packaging materials and labels will set your products apart from the competition.

Choose Soap Packaging Material that Supports Your Brand

Every soap producer has a unique brand that’s easily recognizable by customers. The soap packaging you choose should fit your brand and showcase it. For example, an all-natural or organic soap producer will want to focus on eco-friendly soap packaging ideas like using recycled or biodegradable materials. 

Keep Your Soap Well Protected

Soap packaging doesn’t just make your products look appealing; it can also protect them from getting damaged during shipping or while on display in retail shops. This is especially important if you produce soaps that are delicate or could be easily damaged. Once a bar of soap is dented or cracked, it’s unlikely to sell. Fully enclosed soap boxes are much better at keeping soaps in pristine condition than wraps.

Use our guide on how to measure the dimensions of a box to ensure the perfect fit.

Avoid Soap Shipping Pitfalls

The shipping process can be unkind to soaps, resulting in your products arriving in poor condition. If your business ships direct to consumers, it’s important that the soap boxes are robust enough to provide adequate protection during transit. High temperatures are a second area of concern. Soaps that spend time sitting in a hot shipping warehouse, mailbox, or on a front porch can become soft. If you’re shipping during warm months, consider offering faster shipping options or sign up for a service that sends a text or email alert to customers when their package has been delivered.

Types of Soap Packaging

There are many different ways to package soaps. Here are seven soap packaging ideas, including both traditional and innovative options. 

Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed soap boxes have graphics and text printed directly onto the box. This is one of the most expensive types of soap packaging, but also one of the most versatile. With the entire box as your canvas, the design you choose can range from simple to ornate. 

Plain Boxes with Labels

A more affordable option than custom printed soap boxes, plain boxes rely on the label to provide the pop. Custom printed labels can include a brand’s logo, text, or artwork. When layered over top of a plain paperboard or colored box, the effect can be striking. 

Soap Boxes with Cutouts

A variation on the traditional soap boxes in the two examples above, soap boxes with cutouts feature a die-cut section that has been removed from the box, creating a window through which to view the soap inside. The cutout shape and size can be customized to create a look that’s unique to your brand.

Holster Boxes

Hoster boxes only cover a portion of the soap bar, allowing the top of the soap bar to peek out. This type of custom soap box is an ideal choice for soaps with vibrant colors or interesting textures.


Sleeve packaging consists of a cardboard or paper band that wraps around the middle of the soap. The printing can go directly on the sleeve, or a custom label can be applied on top of a plain one.

Plastic Wrapping

Boxes aren’t the only way to package soap. Many soaps are wrapped in clear or colored plastic wrap with a label applied over the top. The label enhances the design and helps keep the plastic wrapping in place.

Fabric or Paper Wrapping

Wrapping soaps in kraft paper or printed fabric is a more eco-friendly way to package them. These materials can be reused or recycled and biodegrade quickly. This packaging can be secured using jute ties or a label applied over top to secure the loose ends. 

4 Soap Packaging Ideas We Love

We love to see how innovative brands use custom soap boxes and other soap packaging ideas to take their products to the next level. Here are four companies using soap boxes to their fullest effect.

Hudson Made

Bar of Hudson Made soap and custom soap box packaging
Image courtesy of Hudson Made. Used with permission.

The simple, straightforward design of Hudson Made soaps supports their no-nonsense, back-to-nature vibe. Simple, descriptive text is the only thing printed on their boxes. Hudson Made bar soap packaging comes in two designs: a simple full-box style and a paper-wrapped bar tied tight with string. Neither are fancy, but both are boldly simplistic.  

Murphy and Daughters

Wrapped up like a saltwater taffy, Murphy and Daughters bath soaps are incredibly unique. Simple, printed paper twisted at the ends creates an elegant and altogether unique look.

Colorado Aromatics

Soap bars with cigar sleeve - Colorado Aromatics
Image courtesy of Colorado Aromatics. Used with permission.

Colorado Aromatics uses simple, cardboard sleeves to share all the important details on their fragrant bar soaps made using naturally grown botanical. The sleeve design shows off these beautifully shaded soaps to the fullest effect. 


Staying clean while keeping plastic waste out of the ocean is what Parrotfish is all about. Their eco-friendly soap packaging sports a simple tuck top cardboard box, setting off the simple but colorful label that does double duty as a box seal.

Don’t Settle for Average Soap Packaging or Labels

Custom soap packaging and labeling can give your products an edge, making them more appealing to consumers. Whether you’re just getting started in the soapmaking business or are looking for smart, new ways to grow your existing operation, we can help by providing you with first-rate labels for your soaps. We’ve been in the custom packaging and labeling business for many years and are happy to share our expertise and answer your questions. If you would like expert recommendations on label materials, knowledgeable feedback on your artwork, or even a sample of your printed designs, contact us!

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