Custom Kraft Labels

Custom Kraft Labels

Do you need an eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solution? Try our eco-friendly kraft material for your custom labels. Because it features 100% recycled and 50% post-consumer content, it shows your customers that you believe in environmental responsibility.

Even though our kraft labels are unlaminated, that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable! The ink bonds to the fibers of the paper, so you don’t need to worry about the ink flaking or scratching off your label.

Kraft Packaging Gives That “Natural” Feel

The paper facestock looks like a brown grocery bag, so it gives a natural, rustic feel to your labels. The tactile nature of this material makes it ideal for coffee and gourmet food packaging, high-end pet products, and soap packaging. Of course, you can use it in many other industries as well.

Printing on this unique material will elevate your packaging and communicate that you want to appeal to a more discerning customer.

Design Considerations for Custom Kraft Labels

When designing any packaging, you need to know the material your design will be printed on. This knowledge influences the layout and colors used in your design. Since our kraft is a darker material, we recommend incorporating strong, saturated colors into your label design so everything stands out. Another good way to design on kraft is to use 1-color printing—either white or black. These colors provide a nice contrast from the background, which makes your label easy to read. Plus, it looks classy!

Temperature and Water Resistance of Kraft Material

The adhesive we use with our kraft material has a wide range of temperatures it can tolerate (-10 to +200 F), so your label will stand up well to cold environments—refrigerators, ice boxes, etc.

Printing on Kraft Labels

We print on this kraft material using process color builds (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and white ink (as a spotwhite layer). We can match Pantones closely using process builds. Because our inks are semi-transparent, a spotwhite layer is needed under your colors so that your art will contrast well and stand out against the brown color of the material. By default, we do not print spotwhite under black ink as it contrasts well on its own; however, it can be added by our team if requested. Read more about spotwhite layers here.

Our recycled kraft paper is a dark brown, unlaminated paper with great character and texture—and, it’s water-resistant. This label material is great for the environment and looks amazing at the same time!

Our Customer Care Team would love to help you place a label order on kraft material. We’d be happy to build you a quote or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682, fill out our Contact Form, or live chat with us here.

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