Eco-Friendly Labels

Eco-Friendly Labels

One significant consideration for many businesses—small and big alike—is how to keep business practices and offerings eco-friendly and sustainable. In order to do that, many aspects of a business must be examined—product packaging is one of them. Eco-friendly labels can set your business apart from others by showing that you care about your green footprint and environmental impact.

What does it mean if labels are “eco-friendly”? Eco-friendly means not being harmful to the environment or trying to help the environment. We offer three different eco-friendly label materials: Kraft Paper, Avon Classic Crest®, and TerraSkin®. In this blog, we’ll cover the eco-friendly characteristics of each label as well as real customer examples. Read on for more details!

Kraft Paper Labels

Kraft paper is notable for being more eco-friendly than other label materials because it is recyclable and compostable. The kraft process is also much more sustainable than other paper manufacturing practices. It requires fewer chemicals to treat the wood pulp, and many of these chemicals can be recovered for additional use. Kraft label paper uses 100% recycled material and 50% post-consumer content. This means that businesses can have packaging that is both sustainable and high-end.

Kraft is a popular choice among our customers because it’s a unique material that adds a rustic, earthy feel to the product packaging. Kraft can be very effective when used correctly; we recommend white ink only, black ink only, or minimal colors for the most effective use of this material (see Cantrip Candles label below). If you’re unsure how your colors will turn out, you can always order a printed proof first to see how your design looks. Kraft can also be used to provide a subtle texture to your packaging (see Enderly Coffee Co. label below).

eco friendly kraft paper label
Source: Cantrip Candles Instagram

Avon Classic Crest® Labels

Avon Classic Crest® is perfectly suited for most label applications with its superior ability to withstand moisture. This premium white paper does not require the use of a plastic laminate, so that makes it a more responsible, sustainable label choice. FSC-certified, acid-free, and archival quality, this premium paper is both stunning and responsibly sourced.

Take a look at some of our customer examples below.

eco friendly avon classic crest paper coffee label
Source: June Coffee Co. Instagram

TerraSkin® Labels

TerraSkin® is a great eco-friendly label option because it’s made from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin. This label material does not require the use of water, bleach, or trees for its production. The process of producing Terraskin® also uses less energy and CO2 production than conventional methods of papermaking.

While digitally printing on Terraskin labels® still requires a laminate, you can feel good about using this label as it’s a more eco-friendly option than plastic labels. Check out some of our customers using Terraskin® below!

terraskin cosmetics label
Source: Bambu Earth

Interested in ordering custom labels with any of these eco-friendly label options? Contact our Customer Care Team today! If you’d like a sample pack of all our materials, click here.

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